34 Years! Will Smith Celebrates His Grammy Win from 1989 in a Throwback Picture with Jazzy Jeff

34 Years! Will Smith Celebrates His Grammy Win from 1989 in a Throwback Picture with Jazzy Jeff

Will Smith may have aced his career as an actor, but he was equally successful as a musician in the 80s- the 90s. He, in fact, stepped into the entertainment industry as a musician first and broke barriers to music. After teaming up with Jazzy Jeff, together they added the rap genre by having it recognized on the big stage.

The duo met decades ago and remain close friends even today. And Will Smith recently took to social media to share the victory of their iconic creation.

How a proud Will Smith still celebrates his rap career with Jazzy Jeff

While the world knows of Will Smith as an Oscar-winning actor, he is also a Grammy-winning singer. Smith who is active on Instagram, shared a photo of him and DJ Jazzy Jeff smiling wide as they held onto their Grammy Awards trophies. He captioned the video as “34 years ago today” and tagged the DJ about their 1989 win.

The second clip of the post had sped up and slowed down tracks of ‘I Can’t Stop’ by John Davis and the orchestra monster, and ‘Won’t You be My Friend’ by Peter Frampton. Both pieces then merge and the clip jumps on to the video song ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’. It was one of the most popular creations by Smith and Jeff back in the time.

It was the beginning of a career for both Philadelphia-born artists and they quickly found success. But the journey that the travel for winning the award was not an easy one.

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Hip Hop is one of the most famous genres of music today. Will Smith was one of the main artists that fought for its recognition. Here is a look into the genre’s journey in the Grammy’s.

How hip hop came a long way into celebrating 50 years at the Grammy’s

Back in the late 80s, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff boycotted the Grammys upon discovering that their award will not be telecast. It came as an insult to the artists of the genre. However, Grammy rectified the mistake and the duo proudly accepted the trophies after making history.

This year, Grammy celebrated 50 glorious years of hip hop with some big performances. Busta Rhymes, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Missy Elliott were some of the performers. While Smith has not produced music in a while, he remains a proud rapper to this day.

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