30+ Tweets, Waves, and More – Everything That Happened in the 2016 Twitter Spat Between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa

30+ Tweets, Waves, and More – Everything That Happened in the 2016 Twitter Spat Between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa

Is there anybody that Kanye West did not have a spat with? We think not. The man has gone after almost everyone who has spoken up against him or criticized him. Recently, Hailey Bieber was a victim of his wrath. He soured his relationship with one of his closest pals, John Legend over his support for Trump. Later on, he himself took up a fight with the ex-president. 

His history of fights made us dig up the 2016 row he had with Wiz Khalifa. Although now the tweets are all deleted, fans can’t help but remember that the fight was nasty. 

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Wiz Khalifa called out Kanye West and it was the biggest of this life 

According to Vox in 2016, Kanye West was preparing to release his 8th album, Waves. It was previously named Squish. So Wiz Khalifa criticized Ye for the name change and gave him a little lesson on the Waves movement and pioneer Max B. The latter obviously did not take it well and replied that Khalifa wasn’t going to buy his album. In reply, Khalifa mentioned kk in her tweet. 

While Wiz was referring to Khalifa Kush, his own Marijuana brand, Ye misunderstood him. He thought he was referring to Kim Kardashian, his then-wife. In his following few tweets, he questioned Wiz’s talent and considered himself the OG.

But the Yeezy designer reached an all-time low when he dragged Khalifa’s wife and kids into the fight. He called Wiz’s wife, Amber Rose a stripper. He claimed that she trapped him with a kid. Interestingly Ye and Rose were a thing from 2008 to 2010. 

And Rose clapped back as well. Ye, with his inability to take insults without a comeback, replied that he never lets any exes play with his a**. And it does not end there. Between all those insults, he still found time to feed his ego. Moreover, the man kinda did give credit to Wiz where it was due – he appreciated his style. He found Wiz’s pants really cool so he screen-grabbed them.


The fight came to an end when West realized that kk didn’t mean the SKIMS founder and Wiz’s tweet had nothing to do with him. He also deleted all the tweets and went back to promoting his album Waves. 

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No matter what he does, at least, he can still count on Consequence. What do you think about the infamous spat that took place in 2016?

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