“Thinks he’s both”- Kanye West Finds Himself With Donald Trump as SNL Host Michael Che Trolls His Artificial Intelligence Chat Box

“Thinks he’s both”- Kanye West Finds Himself With Donald Trump as SNL Host Michael Che Trolls His Artificial Intelligence Chat Box

Saturday Night Live does not spare anyone, especially controversial figures. Kanye West and Donald Trump are two such celebrities. West’s controversial remarks have caught everybody’s attention. The rapper’s musical career has taken a back seat since he began speaking his political thoughts out loud. While some non-supporters hate it, others turn it into comedy content.

Every weekend, SNL has a Weekend Update session hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost. The ‘news’ is basically satirical writings about the real world made for entertainment purposes. This weekend’s hot topics were rapper Kanye West, former American President Donald J. Trump, and animation company Walt Disney. Che got creative while mocking Ye’s AI chat box.

How SNL’s Michael Che took a funny jab at Kanye West for his controversial AI chat box

While Kanye West always throws the unique ideas seriously, Michael Che had a rather hilarious take on it. As per Deadline, the host took a jab at the singer and talked about an AI system that ‘lets you talk to people.’ This includes Hitler as well as Jesus. The comedian then said, “And one guy who thinks he’s both.” Kanye West’s picture appeared just after that comment. Ye has come out as a religious catholic in recent times, even referring to himself as God at times. While he praises the Lord, he also came under fire for praising Nazi leader Hitler recently.

Ye’s anti-Semitic comments sparked a row as he kept trending in 2022 for mostly negative reasons. He doubled down on his anti-Semitic views by praising Hitler for his success with the Nazi party. As for the AI Chatbot, makers are coming out with ways to make it safer after facing criticism over Hitler in the chat box.

The SNL hosts also mocked Donald Trump over his Facebook account being reinstated after ban over controversial content. Though the social media site cleared that they would put guardrails on him, the hosts compared the whole arrangement to dinosaurs in Jurassic park who eventually cause harm. Trump and West were both allies, as the former got the latter’s support during elections.

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