Kanye West’s Multibillion Dollar Business Faces Another Hit Due to the Singer’s Anti-semitic Views

Kanye West’s Multibillion Dollar Business Faces Another Hit Due to the Singer’s Anti-semitic Views

Music records, Yeezy sales, and controversies, Kanye West really knows how to outdo himself in all three. The No Child Left Behind rapper conquered the music charts with every release. He has transitioned into more of a fashion mogul now. With a unique sense of style and a brand worth billions, West has plans to go solo in the fashion world. After the massive success of his shoreline, Ye was going to collaborate with GAP to release a clothing line.

The Grammy Music Awards-winning rapper even claimed that he was the only person on the planet who could save the fashion brand. However, after his recent stunt at the Paris Fashion Week, Ye has been at the receiving end of a backlash. But this time, it isn’t just an ordinary Kanye West ordeal; this is putting his business in jeopardy.

Kanye West is not only hurting sentiments but also his own brand

The singer and his eccentric behavior are infamous. Be it interrupting award speeches, mercilessly dragging their name down in a song, or shading them on Twitter, Ye is not a newbie to the game. However, it is when the singer insulted his own community that all hell broke loose. Kanye West, a father to four, received massive criticism for wearing a White Lives Matter t-shirt at Paris Fashion Week and also while supporting his daughter at a basketball.

Baffled by the criticism, Ye did not just stop there and decided to give us another hit this month. The rapper used hateful language against Jews in a now-deleted piece on Twitter. All this has now resulted in JP Morgan, which banked Yeezy LLC’s finances, has cut ties with the artist and gave Ye time until November to find another bank. They did not state any reason as to why they are cutting ties with the brand but a note is enough for the wise.

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Following his derogatory tweets, Kanye West has been suspended from most of his social media accounts. In light of these tweets, Van Lathan, who had been a part of Ye’s controversial 2018 TMZ interview expressed that this isn’t new for the rapper.

Those close to him claim that the social media outburst is because of a psychiatrist’s episode. However, Lathan said he has heard him say the same things in 2018. Twitter, Instagram, and now JP Morgan Chase is cutting ties with Kanye West. Furthermore, Candace Owens, who has been defending West during all his anti-Semitic episodes, was the first to reveal it on Twitter.

With brands and supporters quickly backtracking, what do you think will Kanye do next? Comment below your thoughts.

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