3 Reasons Just the Two of Us by Will Smith Is an Absolute Must Read

3 Reasons Just the Two of Us by Will Smith Is an Absolute Must Read

Just the Two of Us is a cover of Bill Withers’ song of the same name. It reverses the romantic love shown in the original. Instead, it emphasizes the affection Will Smith, playing the role of a father, feels for his oldest son. A week after the 53-year-tearful old’s speech and 25 years after the song’s debut, some words from Just The Two Of Us now have a new significance—especially the ones where he promises to shield his kid from danger.

Three reasons to read Just the Two of Us by Will Smith

Here are the three reasons why you should read the lyrics of Just The Two of us.

1. Protection through love

The most eloquent illustration of Smith demonstrating love via protection may be found in the opening lyrics of Just the Two of Us. This song was written for his son, Will Smith III, also known as Trey. It shows the rapper-turned-actor at his most nervous, driven by a feeling of duty that probably makes him a wonderful but demanding dad.

The song opens with a memory of Trey’s birth night. The first few words clarify how far Smith would go to keep his family safe. He says he’d sacrifice his life for the protection of his kid.

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2. A tribute to fatherhood

Smith’s imperfect statement, though, seemed like the conclusion of a complete cycle that started 25 years ago with a song dedicated to his first-born son by conjuring the image of his on-screen daughters and framing protection as something he’s been compelled to do throughout his life.

His acceptance speech, album, and even the passages in his book where he bemoans not having shielded his mother from his violent father reveal an underlying dread of the outside world that sometimes manifests as hypervigilant love.

3. Different ways of expressing love

The sentences in Will Smith’s book convey how urgent it is to desire to protect someone from a reality beyond your control now that Smith is in charge of the lives of a smaller, more defenseless person.

Hence, even something as basic as returning home from the hospital seems like an expedition. He cannot let his guard down and allows love to feel more like an embrace than a blanket until the two arrive in the safety of their house.

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    September 16, 2022 at 9:17 am

    After what Will Smith did to Chris Rock, the only thing that he deserves is contempt.
    When he decided to be insane on the oscar, he not only assaulted Chris Rock, he assaulted the little respect that i still holded for him thanks to watching Fresh Prince on my younger days.
    Nowdays, seeing he saying anything about “love” feels simply hypocritical.

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