Kat Graham Reveals One Co-Star That She Just Finds Hard To Work With, and Something Tells Us ‘The Sandman’s New Cast Has a Connection

Kat Graham Reveals One Co-Star That She Just Finds Hard To Work With, and Something Tells Us ‘The Sandman’s New Cast Has a Connection

The beautiful and talented Kat Graham is not a new face in Hollywood as she can be easily recognized for her previous remarkable roles. Widely known as Bonnie Bennett from the long-running supernatural drama Vampire Diaries, fans have always loved her for being that strong female character who fears nothing and can do anything to protect the people she loves.

However, even the strongest of people have their fears and vulnerable points. And the entertainment industry is a place where some things can be very difficult to deal with. Recently, the 32-year-old actress had to face that fear of her life as she revealed one co-star that she just finds hard to work with. The indications say it connects with The Sandman‘s new cast.

The Sandman’s Dream of a Thousand Cats is a nightmare for Kat Graham

It is about two weeks since viewers got to visit the worlds of cats in the bonus episode of The Sandman. The animation part in Dream of a Thousand Cats amazed fans when a feline wished for a free world for her kind. Moreover, we got to meet those cuties again on Verona street in Love in the Villa. Starring Kat Graham and Tom Hopper this Netflix drama took viewers on a totally hilarious journey.

However, dealing with cats was the most difficult part for Graham, and she couldn’t get along with her feline costars.

“I’m not really a cat person. I don’t know if it was the cats that were difficult or the handlers, but those scenes probably took the longest,” said the actress.

Well, call us conspiracy theorists but Neil Gaiman did warn us about cats after the bonus episode dropped. Perhaps, the cats did watch the episode and were protesting against human dominance. Or they were just being cats.

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She added that the clawed costars weren’t so best to deal with as she had to do the work. We see in the movie that she brings all the cats because Charlie is allergic to cats. Since she plans to throw him out of the villa, she covers him with Olives to allure cats.

Furthermore, Tom Hopper elaborated on the actress’s frightened condition saying “Kat got the worst of it for sure”. He said that he was just lying on the bed while Graham had to work with them. However, there was one day that she found it easy to be around them. The cats were apparently placed “in the right places” and “stayed there.”

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What do you think about Kat managing to work with cats when she feared them the most? Do you fear cats too? Leave your comments below!

Love in the Villa is currently streaming on Netflix; go take a look.

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