‘The Vampire Diaries’ Plus ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Equals One Rom-Com : What Is Netflix’s ‘Love in the Villa’ About?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Plus ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Equals One Rom-Com : What Is Netflix’s ‘Love in the Villa’ About?

Romantic comedies usually tend to divide the audience. While many consider them as fluff and far-fetched, there are die-hard fans who do not miss even a single film of the genre. Whether you are a true-blue romantic or an “ironic” watcher, Netflix’s newest love story, Love in the Villa, might just interest you. After all, it stars two amazing actors from crowd-favorite fantasy shows. 

Who said that a young witch from The Vampire Diaries could not fall for a genetically modified mutant from The Umbrella Academy? Drop the two of them in a stunning villa in the heart of Verona and see the looming romance subsume all conflicts and differences. Netflix has attempted just that with their newest rom-com, Love in the Villa. Here is everything you need to know about the film.

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What is Love in the Villa about?

Hoping to be swept off by a grand proposal, Julie, a hopeless romantic, has to deal with a sudden terrible break-up instead. To recuperate from the sad ordeal, she decides to go on a trip to Verona. Misfortune follows her all the way to Italy when she realizes that the Villa she reserved for herself is double-booked. She ends up sharing the space with a cynical, closed-off man named Charlie.

Love in the Villa follows the hilarious journey of these two diametrically opposite personalities. From constant arguing to hysterical food fights, the two leave no stone unturned to force each out of the villa. Despite being almost always at loggerheads, they slowly get comfortable around each other. It is a classic opposites-attract love story set against the breathtaking backdrop of Verona. What’s not to like?

An ideal pick for a lazy afternoon or a casual date night, the film stars Tom Hopper as Charlie. Hopper is well known for his role as Luther Hargreeves in the fantastical Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy. The adorable Kat Graham, who starred as Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries, plays Julie in this comforting love story. Mark Steven Johnson of Daredevil and Ghost Rider fame wrote and directed the film.

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Do you think the charming premise is intriguing enough for you to watch the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Love in the Villa is not streaming on Netflix.




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