“It was so different”: The Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper Reveals Why Doing A Movie Like ‘Love In The Villa’ Was A Special Experience

“It was so different”: The Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper Reveals Why Doing A Movie Like ‘Love In The Villa’ Was A Special Experience

Our fragile-hearted Luther Hargreeves, aka Tom Hopper of The Umbrella Academy, has returned to Netflix. He is starring in the new rom-com drama Love in the Villa as Charlie alongside the famous face of Vampire Dairies, Kat Graham. The movie takes place in the enchanting city of Italy, Verona. And Mark Steven Johnson wrote and directed the film. The storyline focuses on the hopeless romantic Julia, who is left heartbroken by her boyfriend.

So she decides to go on the dreamy trip to Verona alone and bumps into an annoyingly attractive stranger. This fateful encounter takes them on a journey of classic hate-to-love relationships. Let’s see why Tom Hopper thinks that doing a movie like this is a special experience.

Tom Hopper loved playing this obnoxious character in Love in the Villa

The cast of Love in the Villa recently sat down with Screenrant to talk about their experience of playing these new characters. During the conversation, the actors were asked, out of all their projects, how this project stands out.

In his answer, Tom stated that he had read many scripts, and most of the time, the storyline just did not connect. But this story is the only one that fills actors with the desire to become a part of it. Therefore, the cast members, Tom and Kat, found this movie very enticing and adventurous. “Yeah, and for me, it was so different to look at a movie like this and want to do it,” remarked Hopper.

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Moreover, he added that Love in the Villa is a funny and emotional representation that makes it an exceptional watch since very few movies can bring the true charm of a story when they are adapted onscreen.

Meanwhile, we have seen Tom as an obedient and loving, righteous individual in The Umbrella Academy. However, this movie takes him on a different path where he is running for his dream as he visits Italy every year to find merchants to join their company at a wine festival. And this time, he meets this beautiful young woman when they have to share a villa.

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Love in the Villa has finally arrived on Netflix on 1 September 2022. Go check it out and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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