Billie Eilish Once Spoke About How Young Women Are Expected to Be ‘Everyone’s Mom’

Billie Eilish Once Spoke About How Young Women Are Expected to Be ‘Everyone’s Mom’

Billie Eilish has created an insanely unique image in the music world with her refreshing songs. The young singer won numerous awards only at the age of 20 which takes a lifetime for many to achieve. She became the youngest artist to create music for the legendary James Bond franchise. Also, the Bad Guy singer is ready to compete in Frank Sinatra’s Legacy if she gets nominated at the 2023 Grammy.  Unfortunately, even after being enormously popular, she has felt insecure about her body and life.

Even the singer once revealed that she started wearing baggy clothes because she didn’t feel comfortable in her skin. Also how she became a target of people for making choices based on her likings. But here one thing is for sure all these experiences have taught her huge lessons. As the California-born superstar openly spoke about how young women are expected to be ‘everyone’s mom’.

Billie Eilish reflected on the prevalence of sexual exploitation of young women

In an extensive cover interview with Vogue this July, Billie Eilish opened up about her new single, Your Power which addresses an abusive older man. No Time To Die singer stated that young girls are exploited while men easily manipulate things over the term of “plausible deniability”. Or how they didn’t know the age of that girl because she looked mature.

“It’s an insane thing. Young women, we’re expected to know and do everything, and be everyone’s mom when we’re like, 15,” remarked Billie. Moreover, the Lose Cause singer said before she failed to understand why age plays important in life.

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“And, of course, you feel like that when you’re young because you’re the oldest you’ve ever been. You feel like you’re so mature and you know everything,” explained Eilish. This expectation from girls that they should be mature leads to exploitation. However, it is not important to know everything and you realize that when you grow up and things change.

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish is currently enchanted by the waves of romance with her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford. As they both debuted as a couple on the red carpet of LACMA 2022 even after fans questioned their relationship.

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What do you think about the views of this young singer who has faced dark times of life bravely? Tell us your views in the comment and stay tuned with us for more such news.

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