Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Are Not Just ‘Arrested Development’ Co-Stars and ‘Smartless’ Co-Hosts

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Are Not Just ‘Arrested Development’ Co-Stars and ‘Smartless’ Co-Hosts

Friendships in the competitive Hollywood industry are rare. Long-lasting friendships are even rarer. It is indeed a natural curiosity to know whether your favorite sitcom co-stars or leads share the same friendship off-screen. Like when The Sex and The City fans were shaken to know about the catty feud between co-stars Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. So having seen Jason Bateman and Will Arnett work together for a long, it is a wonder how the comedians maintained their relationship.

Jason and Will worked first worked together for Arrested Development, where Jason plays the role of Michael Bluth, whose brother is Gob Bluth, played by Will Arnett. Other series casts included Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter, and Jeffrey Tambor. Jessica and Jeffrey played husband and wife in the series but shared a grim relationship on the sitcom’s sets. But Bateman and Arnett still work and then began co-hosting the Smartless podcast. But they aren’t the only ones hosting it.

Third host of Smartless with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett

Ozark star Jason and Murderville lead Will have known each other for nearly three decades. Their hit family sitcom Arrested Development lasted five seasons, and everyone enjoyed their brotherly love. Thankfully, the love extends beyond the sets as well. The duo then decided to become a trio by adding Will and Grace star Sean Hayes into the equation.

Together, they host an unusually styled Smartless. The podcast invites celebrity guests, and one of them hosts the show every week, with the other two left unprepared, hilariously blabbering. The storytelling and raw humor seen during the threesome episodes have received a great response. According to a source, the podcast is available on Podcast hosting site Wondery along with Amazon Prime.

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So while the two may often be seen taking a dig at each other, their bond has stayed strong. It is no wonder that duo Arnett and Jason got to lead in the hit shows Murderville (2022)  and Ozark (2017), both of which are Netflix Originals. How do you like their team? Let us know in the comments.


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