After Topping Charts on Netflix Jason Bateman Conquers Another Media Platform

After Topping Charts on Netflix Jason Bateman Conquers Another Media Platform

There are very few titles on Netflix to match the perfection of Ozark. It is one of those shows that makes one dive deep into the narration and storyline, to get in touch with each of the characters personally. However, the crime thriller could have never felt complete had it not had stars like Jason Bateman and Julia Garner, who stole the stage with their brilliant performances every season.

Although the show left many of its fans a few months back, it will stay with us for eternity. The series took the No. 1 spot in Nielsen’s newly released Top 10 rankings. The first part of season 4 of Ozark was watched for 2.6 billion minutes between April 25 and May 1. And it is one of the most watched Netflix shows of all time, with season four having a viewership time of 491.1 million hours. However, Jason Bateman is not just dominating Netflix anymore, he is topping the charts on another media platform.

Jason Bateman tops the charts at yet another media platform

Last Thursday, Apple Podcasts shared a list of its top 100 most subscribed channels and shows offered. And fascinatingly, SmartLess, hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes is second in the top subscriber shows. The comedy interview podcast was first launched in 2020 and ever since, has released 114 episodes, premiering every Monday.

The podcast aims to connect and unite people from all walks of life about shared experiences with thoughtful dialogue and improvised humor. The hosts interview guests from film, television, comedy, politics, and popular culture. Perhaps what engages the fans so much is its relentless humor and how the hosts make fun of each other. Its comedic generosity is so refreshing that it might as well remind you of the best days you ever had with your school and college friends.

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The flourishing Ozark star also extended his career in the dark thriller tropes as he will star alongside Taron Egerton in the next Netflix movie Carry On. Meanwhile, listen to his podcast episodes if you haven’t already, and let us know in the comments below about what intrigued you the most.

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