Watch: The Deleted Scene From Netflix’s Unscripted Murderville Has Will Arnett Sending off His Great Aunt Vivian

Watch: The Deleted Scene From Netflix’s Unscripted Murderville Has Will Arnett Sending off His Great Aunt Vivian

Netflix shared a deleted scene from Murderville that stars Will Arnett in the lead. In the deleted footage, Terry Seattle and his partner of the day, Marshawn Lynch are having a deep conversation about where to spread Great Aunt Vivian’s ashes. Even though the scene didn’t make the cut, we know with Will Arnett’s charm, the deleted scene is bound to be comedic gold. So, let us break down the scene for you.

Will Arnett and Marshawn Lynch spreading ashes on the Netflix show

Terry is of the opinion that they should have Aunt Vivian’s ashes spread around the fish district where her old place used to be. While on the subject, Terry suddenly requests Marshawn to spread his ashes in the Times Square Olive Garden after his demise. Because he wanted to “spend eternity in the site of the greatest meal” he ever had. 

Marshawn, not expecting such a request, says, “I mean I usually put Parmesan cheese on my shit, but…

Terry clarifies that he doesn’t mean on the food, but it could be the floor or even the urinal. 

Even if they flush it later, that’s fine.”

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The following scene has Terry explaining to Marshawn what Dodge Rampage is when Marshawn mentions that he has never seen it. To be honest, we haven’t seen one either! 

Marshawn’s flabbergasted face is hilarious as Terry pulls up beside a dumpster saying that this is the best place to spread Aunt Viv’s ashes. 

Marshawn is bewildered to see that there is “more ash than the goddamn California fires“. To which, Terry remarks, “She was almost four bills when she passed.” Marshawn reasons, “Well, you know she ate good.” 

When Terry says that he has a lot of Aunt Viv in his lungs referring to the ash, Marshawn says with a straight face, “Then she’ll always be with you.

It was disappointing that Netflix deleted the scene because it was fun seeing Marshawn questioning the absurdity, but playing along well like a pro. 

Will Arnett’s comic timing makes Murderville hilarious 

Will Arnett truly shines in Murderville, as he plays the daft detective who has to solve murder mysteries with his new detective-in-training partner every episode. The creators added a little twist to the series by bringing in guests for the detective-in-training. The guests are to perform without any scripts, which dial up the hilarity in the show. The ridiculous situations in Murderville are intentional and the almost permanent puzzled look on their face is worth checking out the show for! 

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