Is ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ on Netflix? Also Check These Similar Shows

Is ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ on Netflix? Also Check These Similar Shows

The Summer I Turned Pretty is Jenny Han’s latest novel adaptation to hit the market but is it available on Netflix? The rom-com follows a young girl Bella, who visits her family friends’ beach house for the annual summer vacation. She shares a strong bond with the brothers Jeremiah and Conrad but that summer their dynamics change as both the brothers fall for the same girl. The streamer had previously adapted Jenny’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before to mass appeal. But it turns out Amazon Prime Video took a leaf out of the streaming giant’s book and has a solid rom-com fluff in its hand with The Summer I Turned Pretty streaming on Amazon instead of Netflix. However, Netflix is home to plenty of other rom-coms like The Summer I Turned Pretty that you can stream to get your rom-com fix. 

My First First Love

Like The Summer I turned Pretty, My First First Love has everything from puppy first loves to heartbreaks. Yoon Tae Oh’s friends suddenly decide to move in with him because of their own personal reasons and hijinks ensue.

Watch it here: My First First Love

My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

My ID is Gangnam Beauty follows an insecure girl, Kang Mi Rae, who gets plastic surgery to stop getting bullied. But her nightmare starts again when she goes to college and gets nicknamed Gangnam Beauty

Watch it here: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Never Have I Ever

Devi Vishwakumar’s life turns chaotic when she gets into a love triangle with her childhood friend and the school’s hottest boy. But her problem doesn’t end there as she has to deal with her Indian identity and is still grappling with her dad’s death. Season 3 of Never Have I Ever is on the way.

Watch it here: Never Have I Ever

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No list is complete without a cute little LGBTQ rom-com. Heartstopper is about two young boys, Nick and Charlie who find love in an English grammar school. The drama deftly handles the sensitive topic of sexuality and young love.

Watch it here: Heartstopper

Sex Education

Another British import, Sex Education focuses on the teenage experience and brings taboo subjects into the mainstream with a light-hearted approach. It stars Asa Butterfield and Margot Robbie lookalike Emma Mackey.

Watch it here: Sex Education

How many of these have you streamed on Netflix? Comment below.

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