This Fan Edit of ‘Sex Education’ Poster Featuring Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie Looks So Real: “The Big Sister Is Here”

This Fan Edit of ‘Sex Education’ Poster Featuring Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie Looks So Real: “The Big Sister Is Here”

If you go right now and Google, Emma Mackey, the first suggestion will be “Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie.” That’s how popular the shared resemblance between the two actors is. The whole world has always been wishing that maybe someday we might see them share a screen. Well, like all wishes, this one came true too.

We will finally be seeing Emma and Margot in a movie together. As a result, the whole world is completely blown away by the possibilities.

Emma Mackey casted in the Barbie film

The casting of Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey in Barbie has sparked outrage on the internet. Greta Gerwig’s upcoming live-action retelling of the famed doll’s existence will feature the two actors, with Robbie playing the titular doll.

Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Ryan Gosling, and Alexandra Shipp are also a part of the film. Many people have reacted positively to the news on social media.

They primarily point out the physical similarities between Robbie and the Sex Education actor. Emma is not the only Sex Education star to be casted. Two of her other cast members will be joining her too.  

One Twitter user wrote, “this edit of Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie is becoming real.. im up.”

It certainly makes us wonder how fascinating it will be for Margot to just cameo in the Sex Education series. But for now, let us just look at some of the reactions on Twitter.

This immense outpour on Twitter is a testament to how excited fans are with the casting decision. And they have waited long for this to happen.

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However, as the film is still in production, we do not have any additional news regarding the film’s release. Nevertheless, be sure to keep checking our site for further news on the film.

More films to watch if you like the actress

If like us you completely fell in love with Emma as Maeve and want to see more of her films. Here is a list of recommendations if you like the French-British actress.

Eiffel, Death on the Nile, The Winter Lake, and Tic are just some of the films of Emma that you can watch. Meanwhile, apart from Barbie Emma will surely be seen in season 4 of Sex Education on Netflix that we all are desperately waiting for.

Let us know which other celebrities lookalikes you’ll like to watch together in a film. Maybe Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel?

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