Millie Bobby Brown to Follow Big Brother Sherlock Holmes aka Henry Cavill Into MCU?

Millie Bobby Brown to Follow Big Brother Sherlock Holmes aka Henry Cavill Into MCU?

No one is a stranger to the fact that the Stranger Things actress, Millie Bobby Brown, is one of the best young actresses in the industry. She shot to fame through her mind-blowing performance as Eleven who has telekinetic powers. The sheer emotions that she portrayed just through her face with bare minimum dialogues cemented her position in the acting industry. Her movie, Enola Holmes, alongside Henry Cavill is one of Netflix’s most viewed movies, and now like her co-star in the movie, the actress may be venturing into the MCU.

The next big step for the actress could be to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering her Stranger Things co-star, Sadie Sink is already slaying it in her Jean Grey costume, and her Enola Holmes co-star stirring mischief as Dr. Doom, Millie Bobby Brown’s Marvel debut seems to be very much in the books; at least for fans.

Will we see Millie Bobby Brown as Kitty Pryde?

Since Disney acquired the rights from 20th Century Fox, fans are on a roll dreaming of their favorite actors as X-Men characters, and one very popular opinion is Millie Bobby Brown should play that Kitty Pryde. The actress plays any character given to her brilliantly to the last cell. And from petitions to art, fans are trying every method to get the message across.

The X-Men mutant Kitty Pryde possesses the power to project the consciousness of being into the past and also phase through matter. In technical terms, intangibility, gravity phasing, and chronoskimming are her powers. With Stranger Things, Enola Holmes, Godzilla vs Kong, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Millie has proven that she is perfect for action and can easily take up this MCU role.

It is important to note that Marvel has not made any official statements regarding the actors they want to cast in X-Men. That said, the actress told Comicbook in an interview that she had met with the people at the Marvel studio, and fans went haywire. So while Marvel has offered her to join the franchise, the glass around Millie’s picture as Kitty Pryde is still foggy.

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Do you want Millie Bobby Brown to play a villain or a hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments down below!

Meanwhile, you can watch her play Sherlock Holmes’s witty sister in Enola Holmes on Netflix.

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