Madlyn Ballatori Was Not Pregnant During the Ultimatum Shoot – Here’s the Timeline of All the Events

Madlyn Ballatori Was Not Pregnant During the Ultimatum Shoot – Here’s the Timeline of All the Events

Ever since the news of Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger’s pregnancy surfaced, fans have been doing the math to figure out their pregnancy timeline. And of course, this has led to a lot of speculation with some even claiming that Madlyn was carrying a baby during the shoot of The Ultimatum.

Now the personality has finally led the rumors to rest. Talking to E! News she set the record straight – wasn’t pregnant during filming. She conceived three months after the shoot wrapped up. Having had enough of the fan speculation, the star even revealed the exact date of her marriage!

Madlyn conceived in August after The Ultimatum ended

The Ultimatum began filming in March 2021 and according to Madlyn, it wrapped in May. The couple got married in the season’s finale. The exact date was 5.13.2021. The cast wouldn’t come together for the reunion until February 2022.

She clarified, “The show ended in May and I got pregnant in August.”

For clarity, Colby and I were married 5.13.2021 and will have our baby in the next two weeks,” she added. 

Right after the reunion, Ballatori took to Instagram to announce the news. She wrote a heartfelt letter to her husband, Colby. She called him the ‘greatest gift’ she has ever gotten. 

And so did her partner, Colby on his Instagram

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The couple received a lot of hate when fans questioned them for seeing other people while they were expecting. But as it turns out they clearly were not. On the show, Ballatori dated Randall Griffin, who was originally with Shanique. Both of them got along well, but viewers were surprised when they didn’t end up together. On the other hand, Colby paired with April Marie. April had entered the show with fan favorite, Jake Cunningham. But they split due to their differences. 

The reality dating show is yet another social experiment show from the producers of Love is Blind. It tests the bond of couples, to see whether they last long enough to walk the aisle or split up for good. 

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