Rae Williams Opens Up About Zay Wilson “Lying”, Jake Cunningham and the Trip, and “That Gold Box” After the Ultimatum Finale Premiere

Rae Williams Opens Up About Zay Wilson “Lying”, Jake Cunningham and the Trip, and “That Gold Box” After the Ultimatum Finale Premiere

After The Ultimatum concluded, fans have been looking for updates from all the cast members about their current status and many other things. Many of them are still together with their partners from the show, while others have found more peace in splitting up, and some are even having kids! But, among all of the cast members from The Ultimatum, Rae Williams. seems to have been in the public eye the most, even after the Netflix series ended.

Williams has covered a long journey in a very short time indeed. She parted ways with Jake Cunningham, to many fans’ dismal. Later, her long-time boyfriend, Zay, and she decided that they weren’t endgame either. She has been dating a woman ever since and has publicly opened up about her sexuality. Currently, she is in a happy relationship with her partner as she also takes time to figure things out for herself.

But, there are many questions fans still have that Rae has, well, partially opened up about. Here are some of them:

What happened between Rae, Zay, and Jake during and after The Ultimatum on Netflix?

Many fans of the Netflix Original series were left disappointed when Rae and Jake eventually broke up. The two seemed to share undeniably great chemistry. However, the light at the end of the tunnel for Rae was her relationship with her actual partner, Zay. Zay, however, after seeing Rae and Jake together, wasn’t quite so sure of her relationship with his partner and decided to call it quits.

It was before their breakup, specifically, when Jake and Rae were still living together that they had a golden box they could use. It contained what looked like a blindfold, a feather, and other things they could use in case either decided to get intimate with each other. When Zay found the box, he was obviously distraught but apparently, things between them had been clarified. Rae said, “we wouldn’t have been able to laugh that off the way we did on the show, Zay is not one to play with, in that regard.”

However, after Zay had allegedly been talking about Jake and Rae, claiming they actually had been intimate with each other, despite both constantly denying it. To this, Rae replied on her Tiktok account, uploading a video captioned “you can lie about me. I am staying quiet out of respect for the love I used to have for you. I wish you the best

Fans and viewers of the Netflix series continue to comment on all three involved in the situation while they have all taken a step back.

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The Ultimatum is available for streaming on Netflix now!

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