How Do Relationship Experts See ‘The Ultimatum’? Was It Just a “test of commitment”?

How Do Relationship Experts See ‘The Ultimatum’? Was It Just a “test of commitment”?

Netflix is no stranger to producing dating shows with bizarre concepts. Just take a look at shows like Love is Blind. The couples in the show literally make a lifelong commitment after knowing someone for two weeks, that too, without seeing them. But Netflix outdid itself with The Ultimatum.

The concept of the show is so surreal that even relationship experts are commenting on it. They are constantly debating whether the show is toxic or not. Let us see what they have to say.

The Ultimatum: What are the experts saying about the Netflix show?

The show, which premiered on Netflix on April 6, follows six couples who are completely at odds when it comes to marriage. One member in each pair is willing to commit, while the other is not—hence, the ultimatum. And over the course of ten intense episodes and eight weeks, each individual pairs up with someone from one of the other couples to see if they really want to be with the person they arrived with.

So marriage and family therapist Beverley Andre, LMFT, and relationship therapist Ashley Starwood LCSW, try to analyze the show and the choices the contested made.

Why the ultimatums?

Beverly and Ashley start by discussing why couples who have been dating for so long take such an extreme step of calling ultimatums on each other.

Beverly feels that these couples really want to know whether their partners want to be with them or not, and just want to settle down. “I feel like some of the partners in these relationships were actually looking to solidify that the commitment was real,” she says.

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However, Ashley feels that all of this is just an elaborate way of calling quits on each other. Ashley says, “Breaking up can be hard, so what better way to do it than receive permission from your partner to date other people under their supervision? ”

A worthy season 2 or not?

As we all know after the immense success of season one. Netflix took no time in renewing the dating show for another season. Beverly and Ashley felt that show did have qualities that make season two a necessity despite its shortcomings that fans were quick to point out.

Ashley feels that the show raises a huge question: Do the couples wanna stay together or get married? Ashley praises the show by saying “Using appropriate communication tools and methods would be more ideal than an ultimatum, so the show gives some perspective.

While Beverly feels that show is having a positive effect on real-life couples as they wonder what will happen if they issue an ultimatum. “This show is inciting a lot of conversation among couples,” she says.

What do you feel about The Ultimatum and its risky premise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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