“Just won the lady lottery”- When Olivia Wilde Left a Young Ryan Reynolds in an Awkward Situation to Grab Her Breasts

“Just won the lady lottery”- When Olivia Wilde Left a Young Ryan Reynolds in an Awkward Situation to Grab Her Breasts

Olivia Wilde once helped Ryan Reynolds touch her br*asts. While both are well respected and known for their professionalism, working on an intense scene is difficult for anyone. This is even more common for an s*x scene between two actors in front of a whole crew. Reynolds, who has worked in a long list of movies, also found himself in a similar state.

While the Deadpool actor is married, Olivia Wilde left him speechless during the shoot of their movie Change-Up. During an interview, Reynolds explained the hilarity of a steamy scene between him and Wilde and how she helped him get through the scene.

How Olivia Wilde and Ryan Reynolds shot an s*x scene once.

Ryan Reynolds is known for his comedy movies, but that is not short of adventures and some steamy scenes. During an episode of Tonight Show with Jay Leno, back in 2011, he explained shooting an s*x scene in a hilarious way. The scene in Change Up had Olivia Wilde sitting in nothing but her panties and pasties on her n*pples.

But the pasties have adorable smiley faces drawn on them. But instead of focusing on the dialogue, Reynolds ended up forgetting his lines. He recalled how she took his palm and placed it on her b*easts. His palms got sweaty, and he said, “And I’m trying not to look at her like a 14-year-old boy that just won the lady lottery.”

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But that was not the most awkward part. As the scene ended, he looked at his palms and realized that the smiley pasties were on them. Despite the scene being cut, he puts his hands back on Olivia’s chest in order to cover them. Not realizing whether he was covering them or committing workplace s*xual assault. Although it was all likely taken in good fun.

The 2011 comedy fantasy movie was directed by David Dobkin and starred Jason Bateman along with Ryan Reynolds and Wilde. Although not a big success with the critics, the flick became a great addition to the actor’s comedy movies.

What other awkward steamy movie scenes do you know of? Comment your thoughts.


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