A List of Top 10 Christmas Movies Curated by Ryan Reynolds Himself

A List of Top 10 Christmas Movies Curated by Ryan Reynolds Himself

As Christmas is finally here but so is the return wave of covid-19, what is better than having a cozy celebration at home with family and friends? And Netflix with other streaming platforms as well is right at your service to accompany you at your home to help you ease down on your couch and relish the finesse of the plethora of actors that Hollywood boasts. In recent times, there has been no one more famous than the Deadpool Star, Ryan Reynolds. 

Although the A-lister is known for all the action-packed sequences and violence, the father of four also has many chilling movies under his name for you to enjoy. The Canadian celeb has at least 10 must-watch Christmas movies on his list, exclusively for you all that he shared a couple of days ago. “While we can not all get together to exchange gifts, we can all watch, laugh, cry, and love movies together,” wrote Reynolds. Here are 12 of his holiday favorites to watch in order on or before Christmas. 

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Buried (2010)

As described by the legend himself, the movie lets you feel the closeness with people who were long lost. According to him, it gives us the warm and cozy feeling of sitting beside a fireplace in our blanket. The thriller-drama is about an Iraqi attack on Reynolds and how I’m the course of the same, he loses contact with everyone for a while. The rest is history. 

R.I.P.D (2014)

This action thriller revolves around a detective who once worked for a police department. In the fictional masterpiece, the same detective has the weirdest case of all time when a group from the land of the deceased hires him to investigate of a case. Reynolds’ this thriller piece is available to stream on Netflix.


Bringing in Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds for the first time on screen together, this recently released movie is a depiction of a Charles Dickens story. It is a modern retelling of the famous short story, Christmas Carol where a miserly man is taken on an adventurous and misanthrope journey. The same is available to stream on Apple TV. After a lot of jam-packed action series, this is Reynolds’ recent musical that the audience can delight in. 

Just Friends (2005) 

This age-old classic dates back to a decade ago when Reynolds himself was in the infancy of his far-reaching career. Directed by Roger Kumble this romantic comedy can sell you a good dose of serotonin with a healthy amount of fun and laughter. Sadly, the movie is no longer on the American Streaming giant. However, the same is now available on Amazon Prime Video for rent.

Free Guy (2021)

Although this sci-fi masterpiece does not count as a Christmas movie, it is worth the watch. A bank teller played by Reynolds finds himself caught in a real-world video game where he decides to become its own superhero. By the end of it, he must save his day before it is too late to get things together. Directed by Shawn Levy, this movie is available to stream on Hotstar or AppleTv

Self/less! (2015)

This one is another science fiction by Ryan Reynolds based on Artificial intelligence. A scientist takes the risk to test the sprawling technology and the results are not quite what he expected. This movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The Change Up(2011)

Coming as another comic thriller under Reynolds’ name, this movie is currently hosted by Netflix. Eminent actor-director of Ozark, Jason Bateman’s presence can be taken as the biggest highlight of this movie. 

Deadpool 2 (2018) 

Binge Watching Ryan Reynolds without Deadpool? illegal! One of the greatest anti-hero movies Marvel ever created so far, if this is not on your watchlist, you might want to change it for good. Stream both installments of the franchise only on AppleTV.

The Adam Project (2022) 

Highlighted due to three God-tier actors in the industry, this recently released movie connecting Henry Cavill, Dwayne Johnson, and Reynolds has personally kept the Deadpool star grounded all year. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

The Amityville Horror starring Ryan Reynolds(2005)

A gothic film franchise of four movies starring Reynolds is exactly what you might need for a thrilling Christmas on a frosty winter. As the star stated, “with all the ghosts to me this just screams Christmas”. You can watch the specified Ryan-starrer on Amazon Prime Video.

Which ones are you going to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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