“It felt like carnage”: Bridgerton Season 2 Cast Got Actually Competitive at the Pall Mall Game

“It felt like carnage”: Bridgerton Season 2 Cast Got Actually Competitive at the Pall Mall Game

Creator Chris Van Dusen just set up the cameras and the Bridgerton cast do their thing for the pall mall scene in season 2. The most anticipated scene from the book, the pall mall game was improvised. So much of what you see on the show, the cast laughing, and getting competitive isn’t scripted. 

The game is pretty straightforward. You hit balls through numbered pegs with a mallet, until someone wins. But even this was too hard for Claudia Jessie who plays Eloise Bridgerton! Surprisingly, she isn’t too different from her onscreen character because she named her mallet Bruce Springsteen! Recently, Netflix shared a video of the scene that shows how improvised the scene was. 


Jonathan Bailey is the opposite of stoic Anthony Bridgerton

Jonathan Bailey who plays Anthony Bridgerton said, “The pall mall scene was a total highlight.” In the game, Kate Sharma picks Anthony’s mallet of death and the latter wasn’t so pleased. But behind the scenes, he is seen having a blast on the pitch, turning the mallet into a guitar. He even calls his death mallet a Brian because it was just too “silly”. 

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The cast would giddy up and it was a “bonding experience” for all of them. It was an important scene because we saw the dynamics between the Bridgertons and the Sharmas. It was also the beginning of what would become “Kanthony“. Viewers got a rare look at Anthony and Kate laughing together. Jonathan explained, “They have a real moment of intimacy and vulnerability with each other.”

Mallet of death meets the Sharma Slammer in Bridgerton season 2

Daphne was supposed to be the star player, but Phoebe Dyenevor confessed apologetically, “I was probably the worst player.” But surprise surprise, Charithra Chandran (Edwina Sharma) was the best of them all. Although Luke Thomson who plays Benedict Bridgerton would disagree. He apparently broke his mallet twice because he was so “overpowering”! 

Sexy and full of surprises Charitha named her mallet Pamellet Anderson and rightly so. But her onscreen elder sister, Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma) shows her wit when she calls her mallet the “Sharma Slammer”.

The raunchy period drama made a return on March 25. This season promises more sexy times with a passionate love triangle at the center of it all. Stream Bridgerton season 2 here. 

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