Is ‘Snowflake Mountain’ on Netflix a Live-Action Adaptation of ‘Total Drama Island’?

Is ‘Snowflake Mountain’ on Netflix a Live-Action Adaptation of ‘Total Drama Island’?

Let’s forget about Stranger Things or The Umbrella Academy for a moment. As Snowflake Mountain on Netflix is taking its viewers’ breath away already. This jawdropping series revolves around the kidults who overcome various life challenges for their survival in the wild. Now if you are wondering what are kidults, let’s make it very clear. They are adults but with child-like wit. And in this rather alarming series, they are all in for a life-or-death fight without parents and without their smartphones. 

The series is for anyone who wants to laugh their stomach out and for the entitled young adults who would have nothing to do if their smart devices are snatched from them. Set in fictional Last Chance Lake, the eight-episode series has drawn a significant amount of fan attention. Fans built their own theories as well. Among many, the one which drew our attention is this Twitter post in which fans compare this series to Total Drama Island.

Fans believe that Snowflake Mountain is a live adaptation of Total Drama Island

A fan recently posted a Tweet realizing that the streaming giant might just have made a live-action adaptation of the animated series, Total Drama Island. This fictional titular reality show too follows teenagers or kidults who are fighting for their survival on a disgusting island. The campers in this animation also learn survival skills and face life challenges to survive through the camp. In Snowflake Mountain, too, the campers are set on a similar voyage to locations unknown.

It is evident from the comments on this Tweet that fans certainly agree with this connotation. However, in the first season of Total Drama Island, we remain unaware of the winner because he/she gets eaten up by a shark. Thankfully, it is not the case with real humans. The campers in Snowflake Mountain are surely safe enough to venture out into the woods. Though it is ironic enough that the animated series too is a parody of the reality show Survivor. Nonetheless, it is truly a hilarious and apt comparison.

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Have already adventured with the kidults of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix? If yes, do let us know in the comment section what are your thoughts about this comparison. If not, you are missing out on something worth a while.

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