Clueless Kidults Reality Show ‘Snowflake Mountain’ on Netflix Is Left, Right and Center Among Millennials Right Now

Clueless Kidults Reality Show ‘Snowflake Mountain’ on Netflix Is Left, Right and Center Among Millennials Right Now

Today’s kids certainly cannot live without their phones. They can not live without their comfortable space. But what would happen if they would have to live without them? What would happen if suddenly they had to live outside their comfort zone? Netflix has the answers to these questions. Netflix has recently streamed a reality show called Snowflake Mountain. Some kidults are on the journey to look into themselves and become strong. Their parents have sent them to learn to take responsibility. These kidults are used to their luxurious lifestyle. Here, on the mountain, they have nothing except the essential things. Let us look at the craze and opinions of the viewers.

Snowflake Mountains on Netflix influences the viewers!

The reality show takes these giant babies on a tour of self-discovery. In the wilderness of a mountain, these kidults have to learn survival skills. Fans, especially millennials, have reacted to the show. Let us look at some of the reactions.

Fans compare and connect the show with another adventurous show called Total Drama Island.

A viewer posted that these millennials survive in the mountains on their own. Therefore, there should be a show about 80-year-olds trying to convert PDFs with no help.

A fan said that don’t judge the show by the title. She loved the show.

There are so many posts about Solomon being mean, careless, and selfish. Here is a one.

A fan commented about the characters and added Solomon to the list.

Another one said that Solomon is an A***le. She thought he was rude.

Solomon, being the only one excited about the prize, is strange to this fellow.

A viewer feels emotional while watching the show. Even she compares her own children with these kidults and says…

Not just the show and the characters, but also the preview image also got noticed and praised by this fan.

However, it hurt her back. She finished watching the show and recommended it to everyone.

A viewer said that it is a must-watch show.

While another one said that this is the most needed show.

Also, a viewer said that it devalues the emotions of the youngsters.

But another viewer says that it must be peaceful without the electronic gadgets and appreciated the value of self-care.

This reality show has got some mixed reviews. However, we would recommend you to watch the show.

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