Is ‘Money Heist: Korea’ Possibly the Best Remake of ‘La Casa de Papel’ That Can Be?

Is ‘Money Heist: Korea’ Possibly the Best Remake of ‘La Casa de Papel’ That Can Be?

While Money Heist a.k.a La Casa de Papel ended last year, fans had reasons to celebrate as Korea had announced a remake of the Spanish series. The Korean makers have unveiled a trailer for the remake which introduces the new players to the viewers. Although the core plot is lifted from the Spanish series and the makers have made certain changes to make sure the remake isn’t a carbon copy of the original. Korea has already cemented itself as a master storyteller, but can Korea really outdo the brilliant original series? 

Is Money Heist Korea the best remake of the original Spanish series? 

It is touted as a remake but we have reasons to believe that it isn’t a copy-paste. Kim Hong Sun has definitely made some changes. For once the Hahoe masks replace the Salvador Dali masks. Secondly, the Korean spin-off narrative is more politically charged than the original. It showcases two Koreas on the brink of unification. The governments have established a Joint Security Area and a Unified Korea Mint. Our lawbreakers are going to target the Unified Korea Mint. Well because they think unification isn’t exactly bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. 

Yoo Ji Tae will play the charismatic professor, Alvaro Morte, Lee Kim Ji Hoon is Denver, Jang Yoon Ju is Nairobi, Lee Hyun Woo is Rio, Won Hung is Moscow, Kim Ji Hun is Helsinki and Lee Kyu Ho is Oslo. Squid Game star, Park Hae Soo plays the anti-hero here as well. And finally, Jeon Jong Seo plays the fan-favorite Tokyo. She’s a North Korean soldier. 

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Fan reactions to the Korean spin-off 

Fans are convinced that the Koreans will surely make a good show. After all, they delivered with Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead. 


@amandamaziiing is loving the new masks. 


A lot of the fans are excited to see actress Jeon Jong Seo essaying Tokyo. 

Money Heist Korea premieres on June 24

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