Money Heist: Korea Does What No Other K-Drama Has Done So Far, Making It Different Right Out of the Gate

Money Heist: Korea Does What No Other K-Drama Has Done So Far, Making It Different Right Out of the Gate

The Korean Remake of the hit Spanish show, La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist already set itself apart from the original with the first look images. Fans of the original immediately spotted the difference in the mask the team was wearing. However, some were still a little apprehensive. Fortunately, Netflix dropped the latest trailer and we are now convinced that it’s not going to be just another remake. Additionally, Money Heist Korea has added another twist to the mix and did something other Korean dramas didn’t dare to.  

Money Heist Korea is more than just a simple story of a robbery

Just like the original, a group of thieves bands together to rob the mint. A charismatic leader, the Professor leads the crew. That’s the basic plotline, but this Korea is different. The long-divided peninsula decided to unite at last. Both the governments reached an agreement to stabilize the economy and print a common currency. While many had hoped that this would end poverty and income inequality. But it ended up making the difference between the rich and the poor larger. Yoon Ji Tae who plays the professor says, “It’s time for us, left with nothing to claim our benefits.” And with that a group of thieves, both North and South assemble to rob the mint at the Joint Economic Area. It’s the DMZ line that had previously divided the country. 

As the group gets ready to pull off the biggest crime the nation had seen yet, a South Korean Special Taskforce and a North Korean agent join hands to stop them in their tracks. 

Previously dramas like The King: Eternal Monarch had tried to show a unified Corea which was a fictional monarchy. But none have shown a unified Korea in the current scenario. Writer Ryu Yong Jae’s politically charged Money Heist Korea is poised to become the next Korean Hit. 

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When will it drop on Netflix? 

The 8 episode remake will arrive on the platform on June 24. Kim Hong Sun is helming the series. And the top Korean stars from Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Won to Kim Yujin star in the drama. Squid Game’s Park Hae Soo also stars as Berlin. 

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