Money Heist Creator Alex Pina Renews Partnership With Netflix, a Pandemic Based Series Under Way

Money Heist Creator Alex Pina Renews Partnership With Netflix, a Pandemic Based Series Under Way

It has been a long time since Money Heist has left us for good. The fans are still living the ‘Bella Ciao’ moments and are hoping to see more. Good news for them! This time Alex Pina is back with another show on Netflix, in which he has set the plot in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another epic show like Money Heist, Sky Rojo, White Lines, making its way to Netflix. The show is still in the under-development phase hence there is no title as of now. But Alex Pina has already revealed the plot. He explains that the show takes its inspiration from a Spanish newspaper article published on Oct. 9, 2021, where rich Spanish citizens are buying luxurious bunkers to protect them from coronavirus pandemic.

Pina claimed Netflix has given him the total freedom to produce the show, as he wants. The streaming giant has given an extension of trust to some of the best creators of contemporary fiction. No bridge should be created between North America and the rest of the world. He expresses the show as “risky and different projects, which have been written with total freedom.” 

What is Alex Pina’s new show on Netflix about?

According to Pina, in the middle of the pandemic, some new luxurious shelters have been built in the subsoil, fifteen floors down. The shelter comprises very exclusive services, including cinema, pool, spa, gym, and common gardens, with water and food to survive over five years. It can altogether hold 75 people, up to five years. This setting impressed Pina and he thought about how life will be in the subsoil. He explains, “Social, family and romantic relationships, in an underground shelter to which they had hastily and exclusively fled.”

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Upcoming projects of Alex Pina

Pina is developing the Money Heist spin-off Berlin, a prequel focused on the past of Berlin, starring Pedro Alonso. The show will premiere in 2023. Money Heist became extremely popular after Netflix adopted the show. It is the second-most-watched non-English show, after Squid Game.

Netflix signed a global exclusive overall deal with Pina. He became one of the first non-English creators who signed a contract with Netflix. So, we can expect more brilliant shows by Pina on the streaming platform. In a conversation with Netflix’s VP Content Spain and Portugal, Diego Ávalos confesses, “Pina is an innovative and creative storyteller who has inspired fans and aspiring creators around the world. After the great adventure that has been Money Heist, we are very excited to remain a home for him.”

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