Is Halloween (2007) Available on Netflix?

Is Halloween (2007) Available on Netflix?

Sometimes we are just in the mood to watch people get killed. It is a horrible thing to say, but a few of us like having nightmares after subjecting ourselves to such films. One such film is Rom Zombie directed, Halloween. Released in 2007, the movie is a remake of the original 1978 movie of the same name. Halloween is the ninth installment in the slasher action franchise. While many are of the opinion that the 2007 remake does not do justice to the original, Halloween can be watched once. It is not good, neither is it necessarily bad. So is Halloween available on Netflix? Let’s find out. 

Is Halloween on Netflix?

Halloween 2007 takes place 40 years later after Michael Myers was admitted to a mental institution on charges of homicide. Mentally ill, Michael had killed his father and older sister. After nearly two decades, Michael breaks out of the mental institution and now is intent on finding out the sole victim that got away – his younger sister Laurie. She got lucky the first time, but she may not survive the second ordeal with his mental brother. Only a psychologist, Dr. Samuel Loomis can save her life and stop this bloody carnage once and for all. 

The movie is available on Netflix, so you can get cozy and hit the play button anytime!

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Not for the faint of heart

Halloween received an R rating upon its release. It is extremely violent and with excess use of expletives. It has a lot of nudity and strong sexual violence which may not be right for you if you are squeamish. 

Halloween was panned at the box office because it was released after a string of box office hits. Prior to the remake, fans of horror were treated to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of Wax, The Wicker Man, Black Christmas, and The Amityville Horror

With a solid 28% Tomato score, Halloween is still a great introduction to the original source material – John Carpenter’s Halloween. For many of us, it is Zombie’s movie that made us want to check out the original. Even if it is just to compare the two movies. 

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