‘Heartstopper’ Fame Kit Connor Calls Out Twitter Fans for Speculating Their Sexuality: “Twitter is so funny man”

‘Heartstopper’ Fame Kit Connor Calls Out Twitter Fans for Speculating Their Sexuality: “Twitter is so funny man”

Heartstopper has been in the talks since before its release for it’s been adopted from fans’ favorite graphic novel of the same name. It’s one of the very first LGBTQ+ shows on Netflix, a reason which has significantly contributed to its fame too. It has inspired a lot of people to come out. And validated many into having the courage it needs to be comfortable with their identity. While fans can’t stop gushing about the couples on the show, they’ve been intrusive to the actors by speculating their sexuality. It’s only obvious for fans to want to know their sexuality after such an emotionally empowering show. Amidst fans’ sensitive speculations, Kit Connor has come out to speak against them.

Kit Connor’s jab at fan’s invasive Tweets

Kit Connor took to Twitter to express his annoyance at the intrusion of fans trying to guess his sexuality. He was rather jokey about it. While some fans made guessing comments, a lot came out to support Kit as an individual over his star status.

Some fans even found him unreasonable because to them wanting to guess his sexuality and dating status was obvious given that the star hadn’t disclosed any details regarding those two statuses. A few of them even accused him of queerbating, a phenomenon where an individual can’t accept his sexuality online because they’re homophobic.

These are some of the tweets trying to guess his orientation.

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Some of the tweets accusing him of queerbating.

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While the Heartstopper has literally stopped fans’ hearts, it has also continued to make the rainbow flag proud. It’s a story about two teenage boys Nick and Charlie who fall for each other after several hindrances. They first battle with themselves to accept their sexuality, then with the societal norms to live freely as they are.

It’s the quintessential show to see multiple LGBTQ+ relationships come to flourish and is as gushy as any other coming-of-age show. One more teen show without the freshness and inclusivity that LGBTQ+ brings would have been boring. Especially, following the beautiful filmmaking that went into the shows like Elite, Never Have I Ever, and Riverdale. 

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We’ll let Kit and Joe enjoy their fame and hope for them to pack more roles as an apt fruit for their sincere efforts.

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