“We were telling a story that mattered so much”: Kit Connor and Joe Locke Reveal the Biggest Motivation for Their Roles on ‘Heartstopper’

“We were telling a story that mattered so much”: Kit Connor and Joe Locke Reveal the Biggest Motivation for Their Roles on ‘Heartstopper’

The charming little show about two young boys falling in love has spread widespread positivity ever since it hit Netflix. Fans are loving Heartstopper, which is adapted from Alice Oseman’s work of the same name. The show has received plenty of thumbs up for its representation of queer people. Fans are also crazy about the casting of the show and leads. So, recently, the two leads of the show, Kit Connor and Joe Locke, answered some burning fan questions.

Heartstopper focuses on inclusivity and representation

Alice Oseman has created this beautiful world where every person on the spectrum is represented. Heartstopper reflects just that.

One of the biggest motivations is the lack of representation for bisexual characters, especially male bisexual characters. Like, one of the biggest storylines is Nick exploring his sexuality. I suppose one of the challenges of a show like this is it’s never a ‘one size fits all kind of thing,” said Kit.

Joe agrees with him, and adds, “For me, the motivation came from knowing we were telling a story that mattered so much.”

But both of them confessed that it was also the most challenging part. Nonetheless, it was a very rewarding experience for both the young actors. A fan came out to his parents and tweeted about the same. Older LGBTQ members have also sent their love to the show. 

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The actors are very much like their characters

Kit Connor plays the popular Rugby player Nick. He relates to his character in the sense that people tend to approach him because he’s famous. And those friendships are a “little bit surface-level sometimes“. Meanwhile, Joe Locke plays the introspective Charlie. And he admits he over-thinks a lot and is just as paranoid as Charlie. Talking about their characters, Kit wants to explore Nick’s older homophobic brother’s narrative. And Joe wants to delve into Charlie’s eating disorder in the future.

In spite of giving such phenomenal performances, the two did have certain scenes that needed extra preparation. For Kit, he was stressed about sharing the same frame with UK’s treasure Olivia Colman. The Rugby scenes were fun to watch, but not for poor Joe. It was way out of the actor’s “comfort zone”.  

Each scene featuring Locke and Connor won fan hearts, leading to soaring Instagram handles and Amazon rankings. Truly, Heartstopper is a sensation. What do you think?

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