Get to Know All the REAL Minds Behind the WWII ‘Operation Mincemeat’

Get to Know All the REAL Minds Behind the WWII ‘Operation Mincemeat’

Operation Mincemeat is a British military drama, starring Colin Firth and based on real historical characters. The movie is receiving great reviews and is now certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. John Madden directs the film. His noteworthy films, include Shakespeare In Love and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The narrative may seem unbelievable considering the British war strategy’s insanity. And yet Operation Mincemeat is based on a genuine story.

 Here’s a look at the real persons behind the characters and who play them in the movie.

All the historical figures on Operation Mincemeat

Colin Firth As Ewen Montagu

Colin Firth plays Ewen Montagu, the British Commanding Officer who directed the expedition in Operation Mincemeat. While Montagu’s portrayal in the film was mostly true, his understanding of British intelligence prior to “The Twenty Committee” was downplayed.

By that time, Montagu had an excellent understanding of British intelligence, making him an ideal choice to conduct Operation Mincemeat. As a result, Montagu rose through the ranks of the British Navy, the judicial system, and public health after the events of the film.

Matthew Macfadyen As Charles Cholmondeley

Matthew Macfadyen plays Montagu’s comrade and British Intelligence Officer Charles Cholmondeley. His bad eyesight shattered Cholmondeley’s dreams of joining the air force. Therefore, he thought of joining the MI5.

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Cholmondeley had a significant role in the operation, having spent months organizing the expedition as a modern-day Trojan Horse.

Jason Isaacs As John Godfrey

Admiral John Godfrey, the chief of British naval intelligence, is skeptical of Operation Mincemeat‘s success. Jason Isaacs portrays this character. Despite his reservations, Winston Churchill orders Godfrey to authorize the dangerous expedition.

The stern commander is aided by his personal assistant, Ian Fleming, who would later model the James Bond character “M” after Godfrey.

Kelly Macdonald As Jean Leslie

Kelly Macdonald plays Jean Leslie, the fictitious fiancée of the body used in Operation Mincemeat. Montagu and Cholmondeley take a picture of the MI5 administrator to paste on the bogus intelligence officer.

Leslie is also involved in a romance subplot with both Montagu and Cholmondley, which is partially accurate in truth. But overdone in the film.

Johnny Flynn as Ian Fleming

Johnny Flynn portrays Ian Flemming in Operation Mincemeat. While working as John Godfrey’s assistant, the James Bond novelist came up with the idea for Operation Mincemeat.

For Godfrey, Fleming wrote the Trout Memo, a memo that listed 54 possibilities for the British military to fool wartime foes, including the concept that became operation. After that, he went on to become a writer. Moreover, nearly all of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels have their own film adaptations.

Meanwhile, let us know your favorite historical character from the film.

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