‘Operation Mincemeat’ Is a World War II “war drama with the pacing of a heist film”; Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Film

‘Operation Mincemeat’ Is a World War II “war drama with the pacing of a heist film”; Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Film

Operation Mincemeat is a World War II drama that tells the red herring mission of the British Army to fool the Nazis to help the allied forces get an advantage in the war. The John Madden thriller will arrive on Netflix on May 11 2022 but only in select regions. Netflix just unveiled the trailer, which has tense moments coupled with an absurd premise.

What is the movie about? 

During the Second World War, the British Army hatched a plan to loosen the grip of the Nazi troops over Italy. So they falsified documents and released a dead body disguised as the Captain of the Army near the shores of Spain. All in hopes to make the Nazis believe that the Allies’ next target is Greece. And the plan worked.

Hitler sent all his troops and forces to defend Greece, meanwhile, the allied forces invaded Sicily to liberate it. It was Ewen Montagu and Charles Cholmondeley that planned the mission. Surprisingly, it was issued from the same memo of the man who created 007. The British Officers took inspiration from Ian Fleming’s Trout Memo in 1939. It detailed 54 ways of deceiving enemies. 

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Who are the cast members? 

The cast includes some heavyweight names, including:

  • Colin Firth (The King’s Speech)
  • Matthew Macfayden (Succession, Ripper Street)
  • Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire, No Country for Old Men)
  • Simon Russell Beale (The Death of Stalin, Penny Dreadful)
  • Johnny Flynn (Vanity Fair, Genius
  • Jason Isaacs ( Harry Potter, The OA)

Meet the team behind the war film 

John Madden, best known for his work in Shakespeare in Love directed the movie while Michelle Ashford wrote the screenplay.

Operation Mincemeat is based on historian and author Ben Macintyre’s book of the same name. It is a joint venture between See-Saw Films and Cohen Media. The former also produced Firth’s The King’s Speech. Charles S.Cohen, Ian Canning, Kris Thykier, and Emile Sherman are also serving as producers. 

Is Operation Mincemeat on Netflix?

Netflix will carry the war film. But due to the licensing restrictions, it will only arrive in the US, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Whereas, WB has the distribution license for Europe. It is expected to come to the theaters in Europe on April 22, 2022.

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