How is James Bond Connected With Netflix’s ‘Operation Mincemeat’? It’s Not Just the Special Appearance

How is James Bond Connected With Netflix’s ‘Operation Mincemeat’? It’s Not Just the Special Appearance

Any spy films aficionado must have at least heard of the charming British spy 007. Over the years, the Bond film franchise has undoubtedly become a huge part of the world cinema and the history of English films. So when Netflix makes another British spy espionage film. How can it not have an umbilical relationship with the most popular spy in the world? But all Bond films are a work of fiction, and real events inspire Operation Mincemeat by Netflix.

So how do they eventually connect? Let us find out.

What do the Bond films and Operation Mincemeat have in common?

The new Netflix Original movie shows the unbelievable but real story of a British trickery that worked against the Germans.  This is putting it mildly. More precisely, British intelligence planted a body with forged troop instructions to persuade the Nazi high command that the Allies would invade Greece rather than Sicily.

The mission’s success was dependent on painstaking planning (a precise narrative for the dead corpse) and good fortune (banking on local Spanish fishermen to haul him in). However, the stakes could hardly be higher: fail, and Europe will crumble.

So how does it make a connection with James Bond? Well, for the uninitiated, James Bond is a character by the great Ian Flemming.

In his role as the assistant to Britain’s director of naval intelligence, Rear Admiral John Godfrey, who also appears in the film, Ian Fleming was definitely a member of “Operation Mincemeat.” 

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In Operation Mincemeat, the future author of the James Bond books refers to Godfrey as “M.” The strict boss to whom Bond reports at MI5 headquarters in London is also, M. When asked why did Ian do so, he said Godfrey was the only one person in his life who was as scary as his mother.

John Madden the director of the film explained by saying “Fleming was a decade away from his first Bond novel at that point, but he was a budding writer.”

Are you a fan of Bond films? Also, let us know what you guys think about Ian’s appearance in the film.

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