From Mythical Stories to Netflix, Norwegians Expect Big From ‘Troll’ Recalling ‘Trollhunter’

From Mythical Stories to Netflix, Norwegians Expect Big From ‘Troll’ Recalling ‘Trollhunter’

Netflix Geeked Week has started and the streamer is dropping clips from its lineups of shows for the second half of the year. One among them is the Norwegian movie, Troll. Netflix does not have too much offering from Norway, but Troll is going to change that for the streamer. The movie focuses on the mythical creatures that are often found in Scandinavian folktales. 

According to the director, Uthuag, the movie was in production for 20 long years. He also directed Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider and was expected to reunite with her in this project. However, unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and Ine Marie Wilmann took over from her. But despite the setbacks, the first teaser looks promising. After all, who doesn’t love tales about monsters?

What is the plot of the Norwegian film? 

A team arrives on an aircraft and lands in the mountains of Dovre to investigate a large footprint. It was found beside a destroyed house. The gigantic large bones in the cave perplex them even more. When a troll arises from the mountains after nearly 1000 years to cause distruction in its path, the investigation finds its answers. 

Espen Aukan wrote the screenplay and Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud joined as effective producers. Ine Marie Wilmann also star in the monster movie. 

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Fans’ reactions to Troll Netflix teaser

Fans are excited about this movie, as a Norwegian film will finally get a bigger exposure.


Indeed, the land has plenty of local folklores, which can provide plenty of plot ideas for filmmakers. 


Moreover, the film is reminiscent of 2010’s Trollhunter, which movie also had a group of students investigate mysterious killings and follow a Trollhunter acting on government orders to track down a troll. 

In general, fans’ reactions are leaning toward positive about the movie’s impending release.

When is the film coming to the streamer?

We still don’t know when Troll hits Netflix yet. Other than the trailer, the streamer hasn’t released any info.

We will have to wait and see when trolls will reach out screen after years. Are you excited for Troll? Let us know in the comments.

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