Every Jason Bateman Movies And TV Shows On Netflix for his ‘Ozark’ Fans

Every Jason Bateman Movies And TV Shows On Netflix for his ‘Ozark’ Fans

If there is one character that Netflix’s Ozark would feel incomplete without, that’s Marty Byrde. This character proves how uniquely Jason Bateman can bring charm to any drama. In this crime-thriller, Byrde’s alter ego tussles with the criminals for his money-laundering operations. Further, he possesses the capability to get the best out of every situation. Now as part two of Ozark’s season 4 is nearing, per the actor; let’s celebrate Jason Bateman on Netflix.

Arrested Development

It’s just not Dominic Toretto, for whom family is everything. Seemingly, Michael Bluth also agrees that family comes before breakfast. Through this comedy-drama on Netflix, Jason has proved that he is one of the finest comedy actors. In the show, Bateman’s Micheal is surrounded by absolute weirdos that are his family.

Full of witty one-liners, clever side gags, and unexpected twists; Jason Bateman’s American sitcom has to be on your comedy-drama watch-list.

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Thunder Force

Ben Falcone’s Thunder Force follows two estranged childhood best friends as they team up to slay the deadly villains called Miscreants. Emily developed a genetic soup-formula that can give superpowers to normal humans. But will they be able to save these humans?

Chiefly, Bateman stars in the film as Jerry the crab among the other villains, who also happens to be funny. Jerry grows claws after exposing himself to the radioactive rays, and the way he describes the entire incident is rather hilarious. Bateman is both maniacal and heartwarming in equal measure.

The Sweetest Thing

This movie showcases Bateman’s romantic and bromantic side. The movie chiefly revolves around three best friends who are kicking their present life. Notably, Bateman’s Roger is the fast-talking, sometimes silly brother of Peter (Thomas Jane). Peter is at a major crossroads in his romantic life.

This underrated movie reminds fans why the actor has been such a time-honored talent. Moreover, this is his earliest movie debut. Stream Jason Bateman’s The Sweetest Thing on Netflix.

Other than this, Jason Bateman also did a podcast named Smartless with Will Arnet. The podcast chiefly talked their friendship.

To conclude, Jason Bateman on Netflix has been a huge part of American sitcoms. One can also see this side of his in Ozark as makes many sarcastic and witty comments throughout.

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Hence, as we wait to see Bateman on Netflix’s most awaited crime-thriller, Ozark season 4, part two, let us binge on these movies and shows. Also, let us know in the comment section, which one’s your favorite.

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