Did Netflix Sneakily Change ‘Cobra Kai’ Rating to TV-MA? Can the Same Happen With ‘Stranger Things’?

Did Netflix Sneakily Change ‘Cobra Kai’ Rating to TV-MA? Can the Same Happen With ‘Stranger Things’?

Netflix is getting very sneaky lately. They quietly changed Cobra Kai’s rating from TV-14 to TV-MA. And now fans are wondering whether the streamer would do the same to Stranger Things. But a change in Stranger Things ratings is likely as the Duffer brothers very clearly communicated that the fourth season has too many horror elements now that the kids are all grown up.

TV-MA basically means the content is made specifically for mature audiences and not suited for kids below 17 years of age. Usually, the content may have graphic violence, sex, and strong language. 

Fans’ opinions about the change of ratings for Stranger Things 

The change in ratings for Stranger Things has sparked debates among the Redditors. Few think a mature rating would benefit the show in terms of more gore and violence. Plus a sex scene in season 1 already emphasized that it wasn’t a kid’s show. 

Semsemii thinks: “I suspect that if they do change the rating from TV-14 to MA, then it would be because of the same reason. Either way, ST was never a ‘childrens’ show to begin with, and I feel like the sexual scenes in S1 made that kinda obvious? If they do decide to go the mature route, then it’ll probably be in terms of gore/violence (which still isn’t appropriate for any child to watch but ig that depends on the family)”

According to Peanutdakidnappa: “That would be a great thing lol, would likely mean more blood/gore/violence/horror/language and just general Darkness.”

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Onion182 says: “Fans who were 12 when Season 1 released will be almost 18 now. I think a TV-MA rating is fine.”

But on the flip side, some are apprehensive.

ThanksForTheRain thinks the opposite: “Tbh when ST first came out, I avoided it for a few months because of it’s 14+ rating. I thought it would be too “childish” to make a decent horror story. Of course I was wrong, they do very well under the tv-14 umbrella. I don’t think it would be the same if the amped up the language and other stuff.”

And so does Independent-Worth-58: “So I’m sure a lot of people are okay with entering into at least some more mature themes. But I also wouldn’t want it to get like overly sexual/raunchy either. And I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

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