Eleven Loses Her Powers Yet Again, Will Dr. Owen Help Her Get Them Back? ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer Hints at Many Possibilities

Eleven Loses Her Powers Yet Again, Will Dr. Owen Help Her Get Them Back? ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer Hints at Many Possibilities

The trailer of Stranger Things season 4 is out. After a very long wait, fans are excited to see their favorite characters return to the screens of Netflix. With all the hype surrounding this particular season of the show, fans know that it is going to surpass the previous ones in all manners.

Watch the trailer of Stranger things season 4 here:

A recurring theme we see through the entire course of the series is the rollercoaster that Eleven’s powers are. Right from the beginning, we watch her struggle to contain them and later to get them back after her encounter with foes. Yet again, at the end of season 3 of the Netflix Original, Eleven lost her powers again. But, things might turn out different this time. Find here what has changed.

How did Eleven lose her powers?

At the end of season 1, we assumed that Eleven was dead. After all, how could a young girl who barely can lift a fork without bleeding kill a monster that ferocious and make it out alive?

But, Eleven did manage to survive. Not only this, but she even managed to learn better usage of her powers. This time around, using telekinesis didn’t result in as much fatigue. This showed fans how her powers are very relative. At some points, Eleven has the ability to destroy the entire cabin she resided in with Hopper. But, other times, even the simplest of tasks ended with terrible nosebleeds and barely any energy in her body.

Gradually, Eleven’s powers got significantly more stable. But, she again finds that she has no powers left during the finale of season 3. After a Mind Flayer slug had been pulled out of her body, Eleven seems to have none of her abilities left. One theory could be that the Mind Flayer has absorbed all of her powers and is now even more immune to Eleven.

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Can Dr. Owens help her get them back in Stranger Things season 4?

After seeing Dr. Brenner, fans of the Netflix series were quite skeptical of Dr. Owens. After all, he does indeed work for a potentially (and most probably) evil organization that studies the Upside Down. In fact, he is so dedicated to the work that he suggests letting the Mind Flayer take over Mike, something that would essentially kill him.

But, he also got Hopper a fake birth certificate that would make Eleven his legal daughter. So, Dr. Owens might after all have good intentions as he talks to Eleven in the trailer of Stranger Things season 4. Weighing in the fact that he has considerable knowledge in the field, Owens has a lot of potential to be of help. But yet again, while we currently see him as a morally grey character who only intends to help, this might change later on.

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How will the war against the Mind Flayer be won without Eleven’s powers?

Many will argue that Eleven’s powers were not needed during the battle of Starcourt Mall. Even without her powers, the Mind Flayer was sent back to the Upside Down. But, this seems like more of a fortunate coincidence that Hopper and Joyce ended up at a Russian laboratory. Had they not closed the gate, it would have resulted in the death of all of the kids.

While we know that Eleven’s powers are extremely essential and she most probably will find her way back to them or they will to her. But, we also know that we do not necessarily need those powers for happy coincidences are a dime a dozen in this series. 

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Stream Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix on May 25, 2022.

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