Is Billy the New Villain in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4? Dacre Montgomery’s Instagram and the Trailer Might Have the Answer

Is Billy the New Villain in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4? Dacre Montgomery’s Instagram and the Trailer Might Have the Answer

After a long wait, Netflix has finally answered the fans’ prayers with a Strange Things season 4 trailer. And boy, was the wait worth it. The trailer was intense with the kids all grown up, and bigger threats looming ahead. It upped the excitement for the premiere of the show on May 27. Moreover, the Stranger Things trailer also teased the return of a dead character – Billy Hargrove. Max’s stepbrother may return to the show in some capacity and here’s how we know it. 

Is Billy the new villain in Stranger Things s4?

The Duffer brothers had previously established that Billy wasn’t a good guy. Apart from being a ladies’ man, he was cruel and unkind to his step-sister Max. After coming under the control of the Mind Flayer he served as an antagonist on the show. Although in the very end he sacrificed himself to save Max and her friends. But it seems his story remains unfinished. The trailer shows Max at his gravestone, grieving and reading a letter to him. In the letter, she tells him how things have changed for the worse since he was gone. Once again we see her at his grave but this time with Lucas Steve and Dustin. Interestingly Max has gained some kind of power at his grave. She levitates over the trio and her brother’s grave. Whether she has gained the powers from her stepbrother or Eleven’s loss of powers, is still not clear yet. 

Moreover, Journey’s Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) plays in the background for the entire trailer. This could refer to all the kids living in different parts of the country, Hopper’s imprisonment in Russia, or even Hargrove in the Upside Down. 

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Dacre Montgomery’s cryptic Instagram update 

We have also found out that on 8th January the actor who plays Billy on Stranger Things posted a grainy picture. It seems like he’s getting a full-body makeup with the caption: “coming soon”. 

According to IMDb, he will appear in 3 episodes – Dear Billy, The Dive, and The Piggyback. 

All these hints clearly reveal that Billy will continue to play a major role in the show even after his death. Even though he may not appear in his physical form because of his death in the season 3 finale, he is sure to make a comeback.

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