David Harbour Has Serious Issues With Finn Wolfhard and Does Not Want Him to Be Seen

David Harbour Has Serious Issues With Finn Wolfhard and Does Not Want Him to Be Seen

The best fictional dad award undoubtedly has to go to James ‘Jim’ Hopper of Stranger Things. Not just that he takes care of Eleven as his own daughter, but he portrays all those fatherly traits when need be. While the loss of his daughter, Sara, made him emotionally reserved and cynical. Eleven came as a silver lining in his life. She made him more empathetic and responsible in a way. However, In the summer of 1985, Hopper became overprotective of El. He was concerned about her close relationship with Mike, aka Finn Wolfhard. It is ironic enough, though, that meanwhile, Jim secretly had feelings for Joyce, who still grieved over her former lover, Bob.

And it seems like his hatred for Finn Wolfhard isn’t just on screen. Their rivalry continues to prevail offscreen as well. Apparently, Mike and Hopper didn’t get off a good start. At the very beginning of the show, Hopper ordered Mike and his friends not to go searching for Will, but Mike secretly disobeyed him and started searching for Will. And as the series continued, they always shared a bitter-sweet relationship.

But again, in the third outing of the series, Hopper grew insecure about Mike and finally played the dad card. He forced Mike to be distant from Eleven, resulting in Eleven not hanging out with Mike and eventually breaking up, much to Hopper’s joy. Fascinatingly, his hatred towards Mike for dating his daughter continues to this date.

David Harbour apparently hates Finn Wolfhard

Mike Wheeler’s hate club has become a thing among fans. Ever since they speculated that Will Byers is head over heels for his best friend Mike and that Mike has been entirely ignorant about it, fans have been rather skeptical about the character. And it seems like David Harbour is entirely up to joining that club.

A Stranger Things fan page recently pointed out how he never wants Finn Wolfhard to be seen in any of the Stranger Things promotion posters. He hilariously keeps his hand on Wolfhard’s face every time he can, suggesting that he doesn’t want Finn to be around his daughter even in the still hoardings. Well, he is the dad, after all!

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