Who Is Mike Barnes and How Is He Going to Be the New Threat for Daniel and Johnny in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5?

Who Is Mike Barnes and How Is He Going to Be the New Threat for Daniel and Johnny in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5?

Fans of Netflix’s iconic series Cobra Kai must have saved a nation in their past lives. Recently, Netflix dropped intriguing first-look images ahead of the season 5 release. Cobra Kai is not just any show. It has a loyal fanbase that has critically analyzed the behavior and moves of characters for over four seasons. So it is no surprise that fans have high expectations and a lot of questions, and a plethora of theories about the upcoming season of Cobra Kai.

Adding to all the excitement is the return of one of the most iconic characters of the ‘Karate Kid‘ franchise. If you are living under a rock and have somehow not watched the Oscar-nominated movie, then we have got your back. And if you are a complete Cobra Kai geek, then hop on to explore some of our theories.

Who is Mike Barnes?

Mike Barnes, Daniel LaRusso, and Terry Silver go all the way back to The Karate Kid Part III. Barnes is considered to be Daniel LaRusso’s greatest competition. LaRusso legend himself has said that his fight with Mike was one of the most difficult ones in his life. Additionally, Barnes entered the scene when Terry Silver spotted him in a magazine and knew when he saw him that there is no one who will be able to fight Daniel as well as him, as Barnes was one of the best Karate fighters in the entire country. At the age of nineteen, he was a tenth-degree black belt.

However, Barnes fought only to attack and could not be concerned about the well-being of his opponent to save his life. He earned himself the title of ‘Karate’s Bad Boy.’ The boy was a champion, and the fact that Terry Silver agreed on giving him 50% of Cobra Kai dojos is a testament to his strength. Throughout the movie, Barnes bullied Daniel and was only defeated at the All Valley Karate Tournament. This iconic villain is played by the talented  Sean Janan, who is all set to reprise his role once again as per the first-look image shared by Netflix’s Twitter account.

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Will Mike prove to be a threat for Johnny and Daniel in Cobra Kai season 5?

It is obvious that Mike Barnes is not going to let another chance to rub Daniel’s nose in the sand again. Terry Silver will use him to expand the Cobra Kai franchise and its evil ways all across the karate chain. Daniel and Johnny will have to bring their best moves to the game. Apart from Mike, there is another old face that is making a comeback. With no one left to turn to, Daniel will Chozen Toguchi for help.

Cobra Kai writers Heald, Hurwitz, and Schlossberg have dished that the fight against Mike is going to be far from easy for Daniel and Johnny. You can catch him on Netflix when Cobra Kai season 5 premieres on September 9. While you wait, check out our theories on Demetri turning. Let us know in the comments below how you think Johnny and Daniel are going to defeat Mike Barnes.

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