7 Reasons Why Demetri Turning to Terry Silver and Going Evil Makes Sense for ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

7 Reasons Why Demetri Turning to Terry Silver and Going Evil Makes Sense for ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

We are mere days away from the release of Cobra Kai season five. So you know what comes before the season, theories, and fan opinions. Cobra Kai has always been popular among its loyal fan bases and a topic of hot debates. Fans love discussing crucial elements from the show and often choose Reddit as their preferred platform. And the recent topic for debates is Demetri Alexopoulos.

Demetri’s morals and actions have always been questioned since season one of the show. However, this time a fan has gone out and suggested that Demetri should become a villain, being corrupted by Terry, and even gave reasons for it. Let us see what the fan had to say.

A Cobra Kai fans wanted Demetri to go bad

It was previously revealed that fans desperately want interaction or a showdown between Demetri Alexopoulos and Terry Silver. However now it feels like a fan doesn’t only want Demetri and Terry to share a scene, but Terry to corrupt Alexopoulos and persuade him to the darkside. 

The Reddit user even gave seven reasons explaining why it would be the best idea for season 5. He wrote.

  1. “Would solve the problem of there being no powerful teen antagonists (I think Demetri learning Quicksilver could put him on the same level as Robby/Hawk/Eli, he seemed a lot closer to Robby than Kyler was to Eli in the tournament).”

  2. “Evil Demetri good guy Eli would be an interesting dynamic switch.”

  3. “Demetri and Silver are both incredibly smart guys who went from skinny dorks to karate masters.”

  4. “Would show how talented a manipulator Silver is to have him corrupt the best living embodiment of Miyagi-Do principles.”

  5. “If Yasmine helps turn Demetri back to the good side it’ll actually give her character something to do.”

  6. “This is pure bias but I want to see Demetri and Silver team up since they’re my two favorite characters.”

  7. “Would show how Silver is fully in control of Cobra Kai by having him recruit someone Kreese rejected.”

The proposition by the fans is certainly enticing and would make up for a really great season five. However, as we are yet to receive a trailer for the fifth season, there is no way we can know whether the show creators have decided something along the lines of the theory or not.

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Would you guys like to see Demetri go bad in Cobra Kai season 5? Let us know in the comments.

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