NOT TRUE! ‘Stranger Things’ Writer Shuts Down the Rumors Surrounding Eleven’s Spin-off Series After the Final Season of the Show

NOT TRUE! ‘Stranger Things’ Writer Shuts Down the Rumors Surrounding Eleven’s Spin-off Series After the Final Season of the Show

As the Netflix Original show is coming to an end, fans are getting anxiously sad. Stranger Things has been a fan favorite since the day it landed on Netflix. A series that is extremely grand and widely loved among fans like this one is indeed a huge thing for the creators, too. Therefore, recently when there came the news about getting a spin-off show, the fandom became excited. But there is bad news for fans of the sci-fi supernatural drama.

Recently, there was a piece of good news for the fandom about getting a spin-off series for their beloved Eleven. Eleven has been catching the spotlight since she was just a child. With the powers she had, she came a long way through. Just when everyone thought she would get more, someone from the creator’s team stopped people right there.

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The Stranger Things spin-off is not happening

Although it would have been great, the rumor about Eleven getting a spin-off series stands corrected. Previously, Giant Freakin Robot reported the possibility of Millie Bobby Brown getting a special series for her beloved character, Eleven. But a writer from the show shut down the rumor on Twitter.

“Not true,” wrote the official Twitter handle of Stranger Things writers, in response to the report by the media outlet. Stranger Things season 5 is in the making and fans are eagerly waiting for it. However, the news about the spin-off is now totally cut off by the writer have made fans sad once again. Although Millie Bobby Brown also gave a major statement about the spin-off. Alas! It will only stay a dream. But the good news is finally, the final season will see all the dots connected and concluded. The viewers will get the answers to all the mysterious cliffhangers.

And as they await the final season of their favorite show, they will see Millie Bobby Brown in Netflix’s upcoming films titled, Damsel and The Electric State. As Brown’s journey of Eleven would end, her fans would also see more of Enola Holmes as well. Remembering Finn Wolfhard’s prediction might also help you stay calm.

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Well, hypothetically, if the spin-off would have happened, what would you expect from it? How would you like for Eleven’s story to progress? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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