“…and I wanna milk it as well” – Finn Wolfhard Makes A Crazy Prediction For Netflix and ‘Stranger Things’ 10 Years into the Future

“…and I wanna milk it as well” – Finn Wolfhard Makes A Crazy Prediction For Netflix and ‘Stranger Things’ 10 Years into the Future

One thing about fan-favorite shows is that when it is about to end, fans along with the actors become so sad that they won’t be a part of it anymore. Stranger Things is one such show where the actors started out as children and now they are all grown up. They have created such a bond with each other that they even cried their eyes out when they got to know the fifth season would be the last one. The show has cult followers throughout the world. Therefore, whenever anyone talks about the ending of the show, fans just can’t stop themselves from crying. Interestingly, recently, Finn Wolfhard gave away the craziest prediction about the future of the show.

When the young actors started out as the Stranger Things stars, all of them were literally children. While playing their characters on the show, they all got so attached to each other. They even used to prank one another whenever they got the chance. They practically lived together throughout their growing years. Now, before the release of the fifth season, Wolfhard predicts what would happen to the cast after 10 years.

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Finn Wolfhard makes the wildest prediction about Stranger Things 10 years down the line

Do you remember when the cast of the popular television sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunited? How crazy and emotional all the actors were! The whole fandom went into a frenzy as they saw their favorite actors getting together after over two decades. Well, imagine something like that happening with the Stranger Things cast. You got goosebumps, right? Well, that is the kind of thing The Goldfinch actor predicted for Netflix and the sci-fi supernatural drama.

Wolfhard went undercover for GQ, interacting with fans on various social media handles. While exploring what fans have to say, one user on Instagram asked if the cast would stay friends after the show ended. Well, answering to the question, the It star revealed they were bonded for life. Therefore, they didn’t have any reason for not being friends with each other. However, he also predicted Netflix would want them to come back after maybe 10 years. He also suggested a title for their reunion; Stranger Things: The Adult Years. “They wanna milk it. People wanna see it and I do too. I wanna milk it as well,” said Wolfhard appeared on Actually Me by GQ.

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While remembering the days when started out as Mike Wheeler on the show, he revealed he would be 22 by the time the fifth season would land. He was excited, as he would be able to share drinks with the cast members at the premiere.

Well, while the fandom is eagerly waiting to see the last chapter of the show, what are your expectations from it? How are you feeling about the ending of the show? Share your feelings with us in the comment box below.

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