Chris Mundy Reasons “DNA of the show” for Why Ruth Langmore Killed Javi So Early in Ozark

Chris Mundy Reasons “DNA of the show” for Why Ruth Langmore Killed Javi So Early in Ozark

Ozark, Netflix’s blockbuster crime series, came to an end in April with the release of its fourth and final season. The last season saw Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) finally seek vengeance for the death of her beloved cousin in episode eight, and the producer explained why it happened so early in the season.

Let us take a look at what they had to say about one of the most crucial deaths of Ozark, part 2.

Creators explain why Ruth Langmore killed Javi so early in Ozark

For those who do not know here is what happened.

Javi murdered Wyatt Langmore and his wife Darlene Snell mere hours after their wedding, only to be discovered by Ruth. The season three finale ended with Ruth enraged and driving with a gun ready to kill whoever was to blame.

Ruth’s thirst for revenge is finally quenched in Ozark’s last season after she makes Wendy call Javi and shoots him.

Because season four featured 14 episodes and Javi died in episode eight. As a result, showrunner Chris Mundy was questioned about the speed of the retribution.

Many felt that Javi’s death should’ve been at the end of the show not at the beginning.

But Chris Mundy had a great explanation for it. Mundy who is the architect of the show stated that in Ozark the writers always believed in following the emotional repercussions of a scenario.

Further, Mundy explained how it was important for the role of Ruth to make that kill in the beginning.

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He said, “We tried in general in our storytelling to not drag things out. In general, it’s just in keeping with the DNA of the show. We wanted it to be like of course she’s(Ruth) going to kill Javi and then you’re surprised that she killed Javi.”

Javi’s death indeed was important to Ruth’s character. Not only did it make Ruth become completely ruthless. But ultimately it was her choice of killing Javi that resulted in her fall and inevitable death.

What do you guys think? Did Chris Mundy and show creators make a mistake in killing Julia Garner’s Ruth? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.



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