Cat Burglar’s Creators and Executive Producer Discuss the Process of Bringing the Cartoon Show to Life

Cat Burglar’s Creators and Executive Producer Discuss the Process of Bringing the Cartoon Show to Life

Another cartoon show, Cat Burglar, has been added to Netflix’s library of content. And it is created by plenty of industry heavyweights. Veteran voice artist Alan Lee, Trevor Devall as the museum director, Mike Hollingsworth as the supervising director, BoJack Horseman collaborator James Bowman to name a few. Netflix has released a short video of the creators discussing this interactive cartoon show. Charlie Brooker, the creator, Annabel Jones, the executive producer, the characters Burglar, and Guard dog, and Mike Hollingsworth, the animator, talk about what goes into making an animated show like this.

The video begins in the style of old cartoon shows such as Looney Tunes. It was the idea of creator Charlie Brooker to combine the classic cartoon narrative with an interactive quiz. Guard Dog Peanut and Rowdy Burglar are in their characters in the interview as well, and Rowdy breaks into Peanut’s wallet and steals all the money while Peanut is busy chatting up the audience. Putting a rat trap in place of the money. To make the show more interactive, they created many configurations for each level, and depending on whether the audience answers the trivia correctly or incorrectly; the audience receives a favorable or unfavorable result for Rowdy.

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Cat Burglar creator Charlie Brooker took inspiration from vintage cartoon shows

Because Charlie Brooker is a fan of vintage cartoons such as Tex Avery. He has drawn inspiration from them and incorporated similar aspects into the show.“The idea was that this would feel like almost a piece of found footage, like a long lost cartoon,” Charlie said. To create that atmosphere, they composed a little sardonic mini symphony of music. The soundtrack is crucial in creating the feel of a vintage cartoon era.

Netflix promises that audience can play the game a hundred times and never see the same cartoon twice. The show is ten minutes long. James Adowin provides the voice of Rowdy. Veteran voice actor Alan Lee, plays Peanut, and Trevor Devall plays the museum director.

If you haven’t previously, play Cat Burglar on Netflix if you want to experience something similar to classic cartoon shows.

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