Thomas Shelby Is up Against Very Powerful Enemies in Season 6, Says Peaky Blinders Screenwriter

Thomas Shelby Is up Against Very Powerful Enemies in Season 6, Says Peaky Blinders Screenwriter

While fans wait for the 27th of February to arrive as soon as possible, Peaky Blinders’ creators have revealed some key elements of the show. Fans have been waiting for years to find out how the Shelby family will escape Mosley’s trap. Peaky Blinders writer Steven Knight has revealed which new anti-hero Tommy and family will face alongside Sir Oswald Mosley just one week before the season 6 drops.

Peaky Blinders season 6 features multiple villains

During a recent interview with BBC Breakfast, screenwriter Steven Knight discussed the sixth season of Peaky Blinders. He also encouraged fans to expect the unexpected. He said, “There’s lots of twists and turns and he’s up against some very, very powerful enemies. But his biggest enemy is himself.” Giving Peaky Blinders viewers a probable verbal hint of the final season’s major shock.

According to Knight, the series will also regard whether Thomas Shelby will be redeemed. In the season five finale, we saw Thomas Shelby with a gun to his head.

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Helen McCrory’s death has hit the Peaky Blinders family hard

Both her fans and the Peaky Blinders cast and crew have felt Helen McCrory’s loss. When asked how the show managed without such a powerful character, Steven responded, “In terms of the character, although Polly is gone, her strength and influence and energy remains throughout the series.” Sophie Rundle, who plays Tommy’s sister Ada, recalls being “very intimidated” when she first met Helen but grew close to her co-star. Suffice to say, McCroy’s depart was shocking to the actor.

Cillian Murphy has promised that the final instalment will be a tribute to Helen McCrory

The final season, according to actor Cillian Murphy, will be “a tribute” to the actress, who kept her breast cancer diagnosis a secret from fans. Before husband Damian Lewis confirmed the tragic news in 2021, she swore friends and family to secrecy. Meanwhile, she dealt with her illness away from the public eye.

Prepare for the twists and turns that will be the final season of Peaky Blinders.

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