From the Creators of Black Mirror, How ‘Cat Burglar’ Coming on Netflix is Not Just Another Cartoon But Much More?

From the Creators of Black Mirror, How ‘Cat Burglar’ Coming on Netflix is Not Just Another Cartoon But Much More?

Listen up, all the Looney Tunes fanatics out there. Get ready for a new take on how you watch cartoons. Netflix is releasing its new series Cat Burglar, and it is everything you hoped for and more. The show has characters inspired from the Tex Avery illustrations and is the dose of nostalgia that all of us need.

Here’s the trailer. Check it out.

Cat Burglar: Revolutionizing how you watch cartoons

Developed by the minds that brought us Black Mirror, Cat burglar is an interactive cartoon coming to Netflix that blends the look of Tex Avery’s Looney Tunes with the viewer-led experience of episode Bandersnatch (2018) from Black Mirror.

In the show, the viewers must answer trivia questions to help Rowdy Cat beat the Peanut the Security pup, break into the museum, and steal prized paintings. The show can be played multiple times, and with each turn, you unlock previously unseen sequences, keeping the excitement of gameplay fresh. According to Netflix, you can play the game a hundred times and still never encounter the same cartoon twice.

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Runtime, credits, and release date

Charlie Brooker, the executive producer, with Annabel Jones, and the team behind BoJack Horseman are bringing us the show. Boulder Media is responsible for the animation, while Russel Mclean, who previously worked on the 2018 episode of Black Mirror, is the interactive producer. Avner Geller serves as the art director, and Christopher Willis gives the music.

The show has a runtime of ten minutes, with an hour and a half of animation available to be discovered later. James Adowin will be voicing Rowdy. Veteran voice artist Alan Lee as Peanut and Trevor Devall as the museum director are also part of the cast. Mike Hollingsworth is the supervising director of the show and wrote with his BoJack Horseman collaborator James Bowman.

Netflix has released art and a trailer for the show. It will be arriving on the streaming platform on the 22nd of February.

So will you help Rowdy outsmart the canine security of the museum? Let us know in the comments down below.

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