Cancel All Your Plans This Weekend Because Stranger Things Day Is Here

Cancel All Your Plans This Weekend Because Stranger Things Day Is Here

Fans do not know when the release date for the fourth season of Stranger Things will be revealed. But that isn’t an issue yet because Netflix is keeping fans occupied with enough content already. Every year, Netflix delivers an abundance of Stranger Things content on November 6th. This is because the series began on November 6, 1983.

The history of Stranger Things Day

Will Byers went lost in Hawkins, Indiana on November 6, 1983. His friends remained seeking long after the community had given up. The group uncovered a mystery female known only by a number: Eleven. She was alone, being pursued, and very strong. Eleven would go to any length to assist them in locating their friend. And so the viewers learn about “Upside Down”, an alternate dimension, and the monsters it harbors.

Stranger Things star is getting a spinoff comic book

To commemorate the beginning of Stranger Things, creators decided to make November 6th, Stranger Things Day. Although the announcements and news related to the series are unclear, Netflix ensures it delivers a good amount of content to fans on this day.

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In the previous years, the platform has announced everything from episode titles and trailers to releasing a VHS version of the Netflix Original. This year, Netflix has released the timings and list of announcements the day holds.

Netflix’s official Twitter account replied to this tweet saying “ready, waiting, and also freaking out.” Fans cannot agree more. Considering how the announcements are going to begin at 12 AM Pacific Time and end around 4 PM, social media is going to be absolutely swamped with announcements, memes, and theories.

What to expect from season 4?

With 3 of its 4 teaser trailers already released in 2021, Stranger Things Day marks the release of the final trailer of this season before the date announcement. Although Netflix Brazil confirmed that the final date of the premiere isn’t to be announced yet, fans know that the series will be released in 2022.

Meanwhile, fans can watch three of the four trailers released this year right here:

Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet, and we cannot wait for everyone to see more,” said the Duffer brothers, creators of the series.

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How excited are you for Stranger Things Day 2021?

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