Can You See More of Brand New Cherry Flavor on Netflix? Will There Be a Season 2?

Can You See More of Brand New Cherry Flavor on Netflix? Will There Be a Season 2?

Last summer in August, Netflix brought us the delightful bizarre horror show, Brand New Cherry Flavor. Although it has since long concluded, with TikTok and Twitter popularizing the show again, fans are waiting to hear more about Brand New Cherry Flavor season 2. 

Lisa Nova is a filmmaker in the 1990s. With a dream to become a bigshot in Hollywood, she makes a move to Los Angeles. There she meets Lou Burke to whom she pitches her movie Lucy’s Eye. Lou is interested in developing the film but wants sexual favors from Lisa. Lisa rebukes him which bruises Lou’s ego and he withdraws his offer. A vengeful Lisa then heads to a party where she meets Boro, a witch. Lisa and Boro decide to use all sorts of incantations and chants to get his revenge on Lou. But all magic has side effects and for Lisa, it’s vomiting kittens! The narrative gets more incredulous as the show progresses. 

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Is the witchy horror drama, Brand New Cherry Flavor coming back for season 2?

The strange narrative and acts weren’t everyone’s cup of tea but the show ended up garnering a cult following. However, the show was always meant to be a limited series. Based on Todd Grimson’s book of the same name, the creators tried to condense the entire story within eight hour-long episodes.  

Nick Antosca, show creator said, “We intended for it to be a self-contained story. Never rule out the possibility of a sequel if all the stars align, but we felt compelled to accompany this character on his journey. As a result, we took elements of what Todd [Grimson, the author of the novel on which the show is based] created and condensed them into a single story.”

Brand New Cherry Flavor season 2 may not be here soon. But with the creators and lead actress, Rosa Salazar up for another adventure in the weird world of Lisa, Netflix might think about developing a second season. However, it’s still a theory at this point. So fully developing the project will take a considerable amount of time. Be prepared for a long wait. 

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