Austin Powers’ Mike Myers Returns With Eight Characters in New Netflix Comedy The Pentaverate

Austin Powers’ Mike Myers Returns With Eight Characters in New Netflix Comedy The Pentaverate

How long has it been? Yes forever, since Mike Myers last appeared on our screens. Yes, he did appear in 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody but we are going to ignore that. The Austin Powers’ star, Mike Myers is finally making a return on Netflix with a brand new show to tickle your bones: The Pentaverate. Similar to Love Guru, Mike will be playing eight characters in the show. The streaming giant recently dropped a teaser that only revealed two characters out of eight. However, we do know what all his characters are! 

According to Deadline, the show will hit the platform on May 5. It follows five mysterious men, Heretics, who seem to have a major influence on world events. The secret society, The Pentaverate has been pulling the strings behind the major events since the Black Plague of 1347! 

Mike Myers eight characters on Netflix

  • Ken Scarborough: A Canadian news journalist out a mission to reveal the secret society’s doings and win back the job he lost. 
  • Anthony Lansdowne: A conspiracy theorist who wants nothing but to unearth the secrets of these mysterious figures.
  • Rex Smith: Another conspiracy theorist and a far-right radio host. 
  • Lord Lordington: The highest-ranking The Pentaverate’s member. 
  • Bruce Baldwin: Powerful media figure
  • Mishu Ivanov: Ex Russian Oligarch.
  • Shep Gordon:  Former manager of a rock n roll band. 
  • Jason Eccleston: Teck Geek behind the invention of MENTOR.

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Ken Jeong, Keegan Michael Key, Richard McCabe, Jennifer Saunders, Debi Mazar, Lydia West will join Mike Myers in the Netflix series. Tim Kirby will direct the six-part comedy series. Apart from playing a major role (and making half of the cast), he is also serving as an executive producer on the project. 

Is the concept of The Penverate borrowed from another movie?

So I Married an Axe Murderer will immediately realize that the concept for The Pentaverate is borrowed from the movie. But for the unaware, here’s the clip. 

Well it does feel like the streamer is investing heavily in comedy projects and true crime documentaries. The Pentaverate comes right after Space Force, Red Notice, and the latest hit, The Adam Project. What’s common in all of them? They all feature high-profile names and are comedy hits! With such success in the comedy genre, our hopes are high for Mike’s comeback. 

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