Forget the Old ABC, by the Order of Peaky Blinders We Have a New One

Forget the Old ABC, by the Order of Peaky Blinders We Have a New One

One of the greatest apprehensions people get before a pre-established show with multiple seasons is that they feel lost. Shows like BBC’s Peaky Blinders is one of them. The show has five full seasons with a sixth(and final) almost half complete with only three episodes remaining.

So people often steer away from the show as they feel overwhelmed by the show’s hour-long episodes and multiple seasons. But Peaky Blinders is a show that you have to see no matter what your reason is. And luckily, BBC feels the same. So BBC has updated the traditional ABCs to get you up to date with the show’s elaborate story.

Learn the order of the Peaky Blinders

To help newbies get familiar with the show bbciplayer and Peaky Blinders have uploaded a collaborated video on Instagram. The new posts contain letters A to Z, each revealing an integral part of the show.

Overview of the show

So before we dive into the ABCs of the show, quite literally, let us see what the show is about. Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1919. Following WWI, the Shelby family establishes a reputation as bookies, racketeers, and gangsters. Although Arthur, the oldest brother, is nominally the family’s leader, Tommy, the second oldest, is the one with the true intellect, ambition, and drive in the organization. He’ll build a business empire that will extend well beyond Birmingham. With the help of his family and his group, the Peaky Blinders, he does this.

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Now the BBC guide

BBC kicks off the ABC guide with A(obviously) is for Arthur. It is not just any name; Arthur is the eldest of the Shelby brothers and, might we say, the most violent. B has to be By order of the Peaky f*#king Blinders, shows most popular catchphrase, be sure to use it a lot after watching the show. C is for comebacks now; the show is no short of sarcastic one-liners, but this comeback has a little more life and death to its meaning.

D for Dogs and E for Epsom Derby. F for flat caps, the traditional caps that are the mark of the Peaky Blinders. So you can call yourself a Blinder all you want but if you do not have a flat cap with a blade hidden in it you’re not real. G is for the birthplace of the blinders the place they grew and will always remain theirs. G for the Garrison, the bar owned by the blinders.

So now that you have enough information to start the show. Will you be watching the show on Netflix or not? And let us know your remaining letter for the Peaky Blinders in the comments below.

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